Our Values & Philosophy

MyPureSkin was developed by specialists in aesthetic medicine in Switzerland

The co-founder of MyPureSkin, Tatiana Brandt, wishing to extend and amplify the results of the treatments offered to her patients, focused on the search for the most effective active ingredients in order to offer complete products. The formulations created by our team of anti-aging experts (biochemists, dermatologists and physicians) address the fundamental problem of skin aging. The combination of various active ingredients in our nutricosmetics allows the skin, nails and hair to regenerate, rehydrate and regain their radiance and firmness.

We use science to restore the best of what nature offers us

Since 2019, we have continued to develop MyPureSkin by creating a range suitable for everyone, through a holistic and comprehensive approach to beauty and well-being. The quality and efficiency of our solutions are at the heart of our concerns. For the past three years, MyPureSkin has been recognized for its expertise thanks to its unique, precisely dosed and highly effective formulas for results that meet your expectations.

The values that motivate our philosophy of life


MyPureSkin nutricosmetics offer natural solutions that are the result of extensive research by specialists in the field of anti-aging. The formulas are carefully crafted to balance the fundamental pillars of wellness and beauty.


Our products are developed with an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency and transparency. They are created and produced in Switzerland, a country renowned for its high level of expertise in health care.


MyPureSkin’s fundamental philosophy is to push the boundaries and be guided by innovative research at the cutting edge of scientific progress. A new and endless way to rethink well-being.

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