Biotin treatment: what can you expect?

Although it is less often mentioned than vitamin C by health professionals, biotin is also an essential nutrient for your skin, nails and hair, as we explained in our article on the subject.

On the other hand, what is also known as “vitamin B8” can do more than prevent deficiencies, when used in the right way.

Improving the shine and suppleness of the scalp, thickening the hair and preventing major hair loss: this is the program offered by several brands of biotin dietary supplements.

However, is it really possible to improve the shine, suppleness and strength of your hair beyond what you would normally expect without deficiency? And if so, how can the nutricosmetics concerned deliver on such promises?

In other words: how to recognize the effective food supplements in which to place your trust in order to benefit from the advantages associated with a biotin cure?

At MyPureSkin, we have taken the time to explore these questions and we will guide you to make the right choice.

How to choose a biotin formula?

Biotin alone is an essential nutrient for maintaining the quality of your hair, nails and skin (among others). However, by combining it with certain active ingredients to create a synergy (i.e. teamwork), it becomes possible to offer your body beauty benefits that go beyond simple maintenance.

This is why the choice of your biotin dietary supplement must be based in part on the links between the ingredients that make it up.

In this regard, the active ingredients to be sought in priority are :

  • Zinc;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Vitamin B12.

To understand the importance of these elements and their association with biotin in the prevention of “abnormal” hair loss, we need to look at the state of scientific research in this area.

Zinc and vitamin E: controlling the metabolism of trace elements to prevent baldness

It is through studies such as the one published in 2013 by Min Seong Kil’s team1 that it was possible to determine one of the main factors of hair loss.

It was discovered that disturbances in zinc metabolism play a key role in the development of hair problems. This primacy of zinc in certain processes has also been verified for the skin, as shown by the results of a study published by Youichi Ogawa in 20192.

In addition, following Min Seong Kil’s findings, other scientific initiatives have emerged that focus on possible treatment directions.

Thanks to research such as that conducted in 2020 by Irina N. Kondrakhina’s team3, it is now possible for consumers of nutricosmetics to have a grid of recommendations to make their choice.

Among other things, we discover that the decisive criterion is the number of synergies at work in the formulas of the food supplements evaluated.

Indeed, we now know that vitamin E is a factor in the regulation of cell death due to excessive oxidative stress when associated with zinc.

It has also been established that alopecia is characterized by lower concentrations of zinc in the body and by a slowed metabolism for this trace element.

Vitamin B complex: hair color and volume “within reach”.

Moreover, it is through works such as those of Hind M. Almohanna and her collaborators, published in the interim in 20184The scientific community has been able to pinpoint the likely role of certain groups of micronutrients such as B vitamin complexes in certain aspects of hair aging.

As the researcher states in his publication, vitamin B12 supplementation would prevent premature bleaching of the hair (canitie).

In addition, vitamin B8 (biotin) is presented as one of the elements whose progressive decrease in deficient individuals (notably due to their aging process) explains hair loss.

This is the reason why a food supplement targeting hair problems must nowadays, to claim to be effective, contain biotin.

How to organize your treatment?

Have you chosen your food supplement? Perfect. Now you have to organize your treatment.

If a punctual intake necessarily contributes to an improvement of the quality of your hair, it is by composing a well thought beauty routine that you will be able to benefit the most from the benefits of the product that you will have chosen.

Free radicals (source of oxidative stress) are a key factor in premature aging, so you will benefit from accompanying the effects of your nutricosmetic with a few adjustments to your plate if your diet is generally unbalanced.

In this regard, you can choose, at least for the duration of your treatment, to :

  • Make sure your food bowl includes plenty of fruits and vegetables;
  • Limit your consumption of tobacco and alcohol products as well as saturated fats;
  • Extend your sleep cycles as much as possible;
  • Start or continue daily exercise.

Moreover, if the brands tend to formulate recommendations as for the modalities of use of their product, a cure of biotin is generally effective more quickly if the consumption is daily over all the period of the cure.

Biotin treatment: what can you expect in practice?

Insofar as the presence of the above-mentioned active ingredients determines the level of results, a biotin cure alone will not have “standard” effects in the sense that the formulas vary from one nutricosmetic to another.

However, if you choose to use a dietary supplement with at least a combination of biotin, vitamin B12, and zinc in the formula, you can expect to see a multi-faceted action, as MyCollagenGlow consumer feedback shows.

A nutricosmetic made for your hair: what the biotin cures promise, MyCollagenGlow offers you

Reading the blog posts of many brands, we realize that the promises are multiplying.

The program: less thinning, less greasy hair, in short, healthier.

However, it is difficult to enjoy beauty benefits without the right formula.

It is therefore by calling upon its proactivity, focused on the latest advances in research in the field, and its expertise that the MyPureSkin team wished to create a real solution to the problems of premature aging and alopecia: MyCollagenGlow.

From skin to hair to nails: a three-dimensional action

Thanks to its triple target (hair, nails and skin), MyCollagenGlow allows you to compose a beauty treatment that makes sense, based on biotin but also other active ingredients.

Indeed, the broad spectrum of action allowed by the formula of this anti-aging nutricosmetic gives you the means to :

  • Restore volume to your hair;
  • Stimulate the hair production processes within the pilosebaceous follicle;
  • Support the collagen production process within your dermis in order to give your skin back some of its elasticity and firmness;
  • Contribute to the stabilization of the keratinization process in the face of external aggressions to protect the health of your hair longer;
  • Support the natural process of neutralizing free radicals in your body to limit the risk of premature aging of your skin, scalp and nails.

The secret to shiny hair? A unique synergy

To offer such results, our food supplement had to be different in its combination of ingredients, in their characteristics and in their extraction process.

Ainsi, loin de n’être qu’un concentré de vitamines et d’oligo-éléments, la formule de MyCollagenGlow se distingue par une conception conjuguant le génie nutricosmétique suisse à la qualité unique de principes actifs d’origine naturelle.

To help you take care of your nails, hair and skin before and during your aging process, the MyPureSkin team has recreated natural synergies whose holistic scope echoes our brand values.

Indeed, MyCollagenGlow is a nutricosmetic composed of :

  • Biotin (vitamin B8), which works in conjunction with the other active ingredients to stimulate your body’s production of keratin and increase the growth rate of hair follicles
  • Zinc, whose role in maintaining the quality of your hair has been highlighted by numerous studies;
  • A complex of vitamins B5, B6 and B12 whose synergistic integration with biotin significantly increases the results that vitamin B8 alone can offer;
  • Peptides of marine collagen whose bioavailability is very high;
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides, one of the key roles of which is the maintenance of a key element of your immune system: your intestinal flora (much more important than we think in the maintenance of the scalp);
  • Hyaluronic acid whose colossal storage capacity allows it to carry nearly 1000 times its weight in water (to ensure your body excellent hydration);
  • Vitamin E, whose anti-oxidant action helps protect your cells from oxidative stress (and therefore from premature aging);
  • Beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, whose benefits range from preserving clear vision to preserving cognitive function and, of course, scalp quality (by helping to preserve your cells from oxidative stress).

So, are you ready to try a first treatment of MyCollagenGlow with biotin? Take care of your hair, nails and skin today by making the right choice: targeted nutrition that puts your hair health first.

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