Is it possible to restore your skin’s elasticity with organic silicon?

If your skin doesn’t tear at the slightest friction, if your epidermis doesn’t crack every time the temperature drops a degree, it’s because your skin envelope is endowed with tremendous elasticity.

Capable of resisting pressure and traction, your skin’s marvelous mechanics are made possible by a fine combination of elements produced at the heart of your cells.

Unfortunately, the passing years impact your body and progressively slow down the synthesis processes of these elements.

However, scientific discoveries are multiplying to suggest that certain molecules have a beneficial effect on the regulation of these processes by providing a framework to accompany your body’s efforts. In other words: it would be possible to keep the elasticity of your skin longer.

Among these molecules known to accompany aging, organic silicon attracts the attention of the medical profession for its particular properties.

But what exactly are the elements that your body produces to give your skin its elasticity? How does organic silicon help you maintain their production by your body?

The MyPUREskin team gives you the keys to hope for a less uncomfortable aging.

The molecules of youth

They are numerous and we know them under various uses but it is especially the nutricosmetics which makes shine the most effective of them these last years by making them act “in-depth”: they are mainly the collagen and the hyaluronic acid.

From collagen to elastin: between firmness and elasticity

Celebrated by both skin application formulas and nutricosmetic products, collagen is one of the key molecules for maintaining the properties of firm skin.

Naturally present in the deep layers of your skin, this active ingredient is synthesized by your cells in order to give your epidermis the robustness that characterizes it.

It is precisely because the aging process slows down its production that your skin loses its properties.

Moreover, collagen plays an essential role in the synthesis of elastin, the main effect of which is to give your skin its elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid and ceramide: to nourish and prevent

To provide your skin with the means to hydrate itself while preventing it from losing the water it acquires, nutricosmetics professionals use a well-known combination: hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Naturally present in your epidermis because it is produced by your body, hyaluronic acid’s synthesis also slows down with age.

Capable of carrying nearly 1000 times its weight in water, this molecule is perfectly accompanied by ceramide, whose main property is to limit your insensible loss of water (such as perspiration and breathing).

Order in your skin

While each of these active ingredients has its own set of beauty benefits, the aging process tends to make them less effective for your cells. This can be explained by a loss of efficiency of your cellular metabolism reactions but also by a disruption at the level of your tissues. In fact, the structure of your skin, which ensures optimal functioning, deteriorates during the aging process.

Organic silicon: between skin structuring and stimulation of collagen synthesis

This is why organic silicon is a key ingredient in any dietary supplement aimed at supporting aging.

A trace element necessary for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it is also a skin restorer that consolidates the organization of your skin’s layers.

In this sense, organic silicon is a key element for maintaining the quality of your skin since it intervenes :

Upstream, to stimulate the renewal of connective tissue, especially the dermis (whose extracellular matrix, a major component, is made of collagen and elastin);
Downstream, to maintain the blood vessel walls, ensuring good irrigation and therefore good nutrition of the skin and many other organs.

The extent of the effects of organic silicon has been highlighted in particular by studies such as that of researcher Lidiane Advincula de Araujo, published in 2016.

As Dr. Advincula concludes in her article¹, the therapeutic potential of this trace element for skin, hair and nails is exceptional when consumed in the form of dietary supplementation.

MyCollagenLift: a formula upstream and downstream of the metabolism of senescent skin

It is through an exclusive formula, whose effectiveness proven over the course of the cures never ceases to amaze, that MyCollagenLift proposes to support you in your journey towards age.

A contribution from the MyPUREskin laboratories to your initiative towards a certain well-being, this food supplement puts the relevance of its ingredients at the service of your skin by providing it with

A targeted nutrition;
A certain support of your endogenous collagen and hyaluronic acid production by stimulation;
A contribution to your natural protection against oxidative stress, a factor of premature aging.

To do this, MyCollagenLift combines active ingredients of 100% natural origin:

Bio peptides of marine collagen (whose better absorption capacity makes it a more interesting choice than conventional non-hydrolyzed collagens);
Hyaluronic acid that allows your skin to remain deeply moisturized at all times;
Ceramides derived from wheat oil, which offer a very appreciable protection against insensible water loss;
Vitamin C extracted from acerola fruit to protect your cells from oxidative stress;
Vitamin E, whose antioxidant properties complement those of vitamin C;
Organic silicon, known for its role as a skin restorer, in addition to its ability to neutralize free electrons;
Grape OPC, whose ability to capture non-electrically neutral atoms allows it to provide support for increased protection against oxidative stress.

Perfectly designed to support your defense mechanisms against the risks of premature aging, MyCollagenLift has been recognized as a “product of exceptional quality to fight against oxidative stress” by the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants).

But above all, this food supplement is the centerpiece of an effective 3-month beauty treatment, the first results of which are visible after only 4 weeks.

Ready to get your skin in order? Try MyCollagenLift today.

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