Marine collagen peptides: what if they were the solution?

If you see marine collagen peptides more and more frequently on the boxes of food supplements aimed at accompanying ageing, it is because their effectiveness is much greater than that of classic collagen proteins.

A real godsend for your skin cells, peptides are much better adapted to your digestive system for the simple reason that it processes them more easily.

Why is there such a difference between classic collagen and collagen in peptides? How do you obtain collagen peptides from a collagen macro protein? How to choose among all the nutricosmetics offering collagen  peptides?

The MyPuresSkin team will help you to find out.

Marine collagen peptides: a question of size

If the ethical and sanitary comfort offered by marine collagen no longer needs to be demonstrated, as we explain in our article comparing it to bovine and porcine collagen, one question remains unanswered: why did the MyPUREskin team choose a peptide collagen?

What are "bio peptides"?

Collagen is a protein. It is therefore a molecule made up of basic units called “amino acids”. However, this molecule has a few particularities, one of which is particularly important for the consumer: its size.

We say that collagen is a “macromolecule”.

This characteristic is a real hindrance to your digestive system in that it has more difficulty in “breaking down” the collagen protein into amino acids.

It is to address this problem that some engineers have taken advantage of the effects of hydrolysis.

The process of reducing the size of the macroprotein that is collagen, hydrolysis is an intermediate step to digestion.

It is in fact a matter of “predigesting” the collagen in a way by destructuring the macroprotein into smaller assemblies of amino acids: the peptides.

Smaller in size, the peptides break down into amino acids, offering better results than when digesting a collagen macroprotein.

It is through studies such as those carried out by the team of researcher Arely Léon-Lopez¹ that the indisputable advantage of collagen peptides becomes apparent. In fact, the latter highlights a colossal reduction in the molecular weight of collagen after hydrolysis: from 300 kDA (“kilo dalton”: unit of measurement of molecular weight), collagen drops to 3 kDA.

This reduction by a factor of 100 translates into fewer losses. In other words: the number of amino acids that are removed from the digestion of marine collagen peptides is greater than that obtained from classic collagen.

As your body has more amino acids, you can support your body in its production of collagen in a much better way by taking peptides.

This better assimilation of peptides has a name: they are said to be more “bioavailable” than non-hydrolysed collagen.

Bio activity of marine collagen peptides

However, what makes marine collagen peptides so interesting in the context of the design of a food supplement intended to support your ageing is their biological activity.

Indeed, peptides are “bioactive” peptides. This bioactivity translates into physiological effects that allow the nutricosmetics that contain them to offer beauty benefits that are unknown to the general public.

In particular, the Léon-Lopez study shows that the nature of the bioactivity of hydrolysed collagen is varied, since the peptides have, in addition to a better bioavailability:

  • Greater antioxidant properties;
  • More powerful antimicrobial activity.

Unquestionable expertise for more effective products

Designing dietary supplements based on marine collagen peptides requires more know-how and tools than those containing only non-hydrolysed collagen.

This often explains the higher cost of nutricosmetics whose formula is based on such a choice.

However, the beauty benefits that consumers derive from them are consistent with this approach: the results are generally quickly visible to the naked eye.

Finally, the most conscientious nutricosmetic brands tend to build their products on synergies that offer other benefits.

MyCollagenLift: a nutricosmetic solution that makes sense

It is precisely in this perspective that the MyPureSkin brand has created a food supplement designed to accompany your ageing process: MyCollagenLift.

Nutricosmetics combining the effectiveness of 100% natural ingredients, MyCollagenLift offers its consumers a range of beauty benefits based on specifications that put your skin in the spotlight by providing it with

  • A source of nutrition to help it maintain itself on a daily basis;
  • Support to help stimulate collagen production as the years go by;
  • Help to support its protective mechanisms to fight against premature ageing factors.

Indeed, the synergy of the MyCollagenLift formula is based on :

  • Marine collagen peptides whose molecular weight allows them to be highly bioavailable (i.e. easier to assimilate by your body);
  • Hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a good level of hydration;
  • Wheat oil ceramides to complete this moisture maintenance effort for your skin;
  • Vitamin C from acerola fruit to help protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant;
  • Organic silicon to structure your skin while increasing your defences against the damaging effect of free electrons.

If it makes sense that the choice of a food supplement capable of accompanying your skin in its ageing process should contain marine collagen  peptides, why not take advantage of the effectiveness of MyCollagenLift?

By starting an initial 3-month course of treatment, your first results will be visible in just 4 weeks!

Study by researcher Arely Léon-Lopez: