Organic silicon: an appreciable alchemy in the accompaniment of your aging

You may never have heard of it, yet nutricosmetic engineers are increasingly using it.

Still little used in formulas to accompany aging, organic silicon is one of those ingredients that innovative brands such as MyPureSkin choose to use in synergy with other key active ingredients such as collagen.

But why consume them? What synergy can these ingredients have?

How does your skin benefit?

Discover the mechanisms and properties of a natural cocktail based on collagen bio peptides and organic silicon.

Why organic silicon and collagen?

Taken separately, these two ingredients benefit your skin, but taken together, they enhance it.

Collagen: an active ingredient that is sufficient on its own but so much better accompanied

Structured in networks of fibrils like a spider’s web, collagen is a macromolecule with astonishing properties since it is what gives your skin its resistance to compression.

This compound is the main element of the ECM (ExtraCellular Matrix) in which your body’s cells are born, live and die. It is continuously produced by some of them (fibroblasts), which are of vital importance for your skin health.

The collagen contained in many dietary supplements alone satisfies many consumers since its properties echo the effects that its presence has naturally when produced by the human body itself, namely mainly :

  • Prevention of the appearance of cellulite (since this is the result of a decrease in the quantity of collagen present in the skin, among other things);
  • A reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

However, the beauty benefits that collagen offers to your skin do not stop there since it is able to combine with other active ingredients to increase its effectiveness.

Organic silicon: one of the most amazing trace elements

This is particularly what is offered to consumers of nutricosmetics to accompany aging such as MyCollagenLift with formulas designed to optimize the effects sought through a synergy.

Organic silicon is precisely one of the trace elements whose addition opens the way to a much higher level of results.

To understand this, we need to look at studies such as the one by Pierre-Antoine Deglesne¹, published in 2018 and dealing with the effects of organic silicon on in vitro fibroblast cells from human skin.

In particular, it was found that exposure of fibroblasts to organic silicon would lead to :

  • A stimulation of their collagen production;
  • Stabilization of the properties of the ECM (essential for maintaining the firmness of the skin, among other things);
  • A higher expression of the HAS2 gene (responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid).

Combine organic silicon and collagen to enhance your skin

It is by reading research reports such as those of researcher Flavia Addor and her collaborators² that we can understand the real advantage of a synergy based on collagen and organic silicon.

Indeed, the study in question reports that:

  • The presence of organic silicon activates hydroxylation enzymes (acting on the collagen present to allow the skin to gain strength and elasticity);
  • A positive correlation was found between the use of organic silicon and the slowing of hair loss.

Organic silicon is therefore involved in the processes of skin metabolism leading to the creation of more resistant collagen fibril networks.

MyCollagenLift: innovating through the optimization of natural synergies

An informed choice in the ingredients and processes of creating an effective dietary supplement to support your aging cannot be improvised.

The MyPureSkin team is able to fulfill the role it has set for itself through a thorough understanding, some of which we enjoy sharing with our consumers on a regular basis.

This one is based on two essential points:

  • To guide you in the decisions you need to make to maintain your skin in the best possible way through an editorial line exploring the subjects we cover in depth;
  • To offer you a turnkey solution that is truly effective and respectful of your health over the long term.

To achieve this second aspect, we have composed the formula of MyCollagenLift on the basis of synergies linking ingredients of only natural origin, including :

  • Peptides of marine collagen whose molecular weight allows them to be very bioavailable (i.e. easier to assimilate by your body);
  • Hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a good level of hydration;
  • Wheat oil ceramides to complete this moisture maintenance effort for your skin;
  • Vitamin C from acerola fruit to help protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Vitamin E also plays the role of antioxidant;
  • Organic silicon to structure your skin while helping to maintain your defenses against the harmful effect of free electrons.

Does your skin need a boost?

MyCollagenLift allows you to see your first results in only 4 weeks.

The program: reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, skin firming, deep skin hydration…

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