These uses of silicon that you never knew existed

While organic silicon is now known to be a proven skin restorer, its properties go far beyond that. When we know that the aging process impacts the whole body, we are tempted to look for a more global way to tackle the problems posed by the journey towards age.

This is why the choice of an anti-aging food supplement must be accompanied by a broader initiative, including lifestyle choices that are consistent with each other as much as possible.

This means setting up a daily wellness routine and paying special attention to the needs of your skin, hair, nails, joints, digestion and also your vitality level.

In this respect, some nutricosmetic products are more effective than others, particularly because they contain ingredients carefully selected for their synergy and which often include… organic silicon!

From head to toe: organic silicon invites itself into your organs

If this trace element is not the most abundant molecule in the human body, it remains one of its essential elements. Serving your skin as well as your nails and hair, organic silicon is one of the basic elements used by your body to build your cartilage, tendons, bones and many other pieces of the anatomical puzzle that is your body.

A study published in 2016 by Dr. Liviane Advincula de Araujo¹ provides evidence of the broad spectrum of action of organic silicon, among other things.

For healthy hair

Among other things, it was discovered that a greater presence of organic silicon in the body is associated with a significant improvement in hair quality.

Although it is still impossible to determine the weight of organic silicon in the mechanisms of production of its keratin, the hair gains in strength and resistance, as demonstrated by all the studies on the subject.

For more resistant nails

Similarly, nails clearly benefit from an increased consumption of organic silicon.

Numerous studies have confirmed the researcher’s conclusions, such as the one conducted by Dr. Barel², which focused more specifically on the effects of dietary supplementation of organic silicon on the skin, nails and hair of women with epidermis damaged by UV radiation.

The results are clear: the fragility of the nails (but also that of the hair) is drastically reduced in the group having benefited from the treatment, compared to the group having consumed the placebo.

For a well structured skin

But it is especially at the level of the skin that the contribution of organic silicon is most impressive. Contributing to the restructuring of the epidermis, this trace element allows the skin to better resist the ravages of time. Indeed, it is because the aging process destructures the layers of the skin that the skin finds it more difficult, with age, to fulfill its tasks (immune function, sensory function, shock absorption and stretching function…).

MyCollagenLift: organic silicon in a meaningful formula

In addition to the most common nutritional needs of any skin (proteins and carbohydrates), trace elements are an often overlooked part of the great structure of a healthy skin.

It is precisely to help you take care of your skin that the MyPUREskin team has chosen to integrate organic silicon into the exclusive formula of its anti-aging food supplement.

A source of well-being that helps you respond in a relevant way to the problems posed by the aging process, MyCollagenLift is indeed a supplementation solution of formidable effectiveness, as evidenced by the many customer reviews that praise its benefits.

To achieve this, the active ingredients of MyCollagenLift are carefully selected to interact in a unique synergy, making the most of what nature has to offer, since its ingredients are of 100% natural origin:

  • Highly organic marine collagen bio peptides available;
  • Hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a good level of hydration;
  • Wheat oil ceramides to complete this effort to maintain moisture for your skin;
  • Vitamin C from acerola fruit to help protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Vitamin E, which also acts as an antioxidant;
  • Organic silicon to structure your skin while increasing your defenses against the harmful effect of free electrons.

Looking for a solution to support your efforts over the long term? Need to get your skin in order? MyCollagenLift supports you in your first 3-month treatment for results expected as early as 4 weeks.

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