Sculpt your figure with MyBodySlim

MyBodySlim is our latest revolution, designed to help you sculpt the silhouette of your dreams while eliminating cellulite and orange peel skin thanks to a unique synergy between its 11 unique active ingredients.

  • Body Benefits

  • Well-being benefits

Drains fat and cellulite

Thanks to turmeric, guarana, green tea and SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD)

Smoothes orange peel and thighs

Thanks to vitamins C & E, marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid

Firms the legs

Thanks to Gotu-Kola, marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid

Helps the proper functioning of the immune system

Thanks to vitamin C, green tea and guarana

Participates in better muscle recovery

Thanks to marine collagen peptides and SOD

Helps with better resistance to stress

Thanks to the SOD,


Sculpt your figure and find smooth, toned legs

Discover the power of MyBodySlim, the revolutionary nutricosmetic designed to help you sculpt your figure and reveal smooth, toned legs.

Thanks to a unique formulation combining natural extracts of green tea, guarana, Gotu-Kola, and turmeric, MyBodySlim acts directly on problem areas, reducing the appearance of cellulite and refining your silhouette.

The active ingredients present in the formula work in synergy to stimulate lipolysis, improve blood circulation and combat inflammation, providing an integral solution to tone and beautify your skin.


360° action for a perfect silhouette and a healthy body

MyBodySlim is not just a solution for sublime skin; it is your partner for overall vitality, guiding you towards total well-being and a refined silhouette.

Embark on this journey towards a complete transformation with MyBodySlim, and feel the synergy between well-being and beauty, for a body radiant with health and a silhouette sculpted to perfection.


An extraordinary “Total Antioxidant Power”

Just like MyCollagenLift and MyCollagenRepair, our food supplement MyCollagenGlow exploded the counters with a very high score of 674 on the open PAOT scale, knowing that an index of 70 is already judged as a “very effective” product.

Main benefits of MyBodySlim

Fat burning and body slimming

MyBodySlim contains Lipase and Guarana extract, which stimulate lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of stored fat. This helps reduce fat deposits under the skin, thereby contributing to body slimming and improving skin firmness and texture.

Reduction of orange peel and dimpling

The MyBodySlim formula incorporates SOD (superoxide dismutase) and Gotu-Kola extract, directly targeting cellulite. SOD with its antioxidant properties and Gotu-Kola, by improving blood circulation, work together to reduce the appearance of orange peel and dimples, thus promoting smoother skin.

Firms the skin on the stomach and thighs

The collagen peptides and vitamin C present in MyBodySlim help stimulate the production of collagen, essential for skin density and firmness. This action leads to firmer, more resilient skin, particularly around the stomach and thighs, reducing the appearance of sagging skin.

Provides a higher level of hydration to your skin

Hydration is provided in MyBodySlim by the high concentration of hyaluronic acid:
An important natural component of the skin, hyaluronic acid is synthesized by fibroblasts and helps retain collagen, increase hydration and provide elasticity and suppleness.
In the body, hyaluronic acid and collagen work together to maintain the structure of the skin.

Helps fight oxidative stress and inflammation

Green tea and turmeric extracts, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, protect cells against free radical damage and inflammation. This protection helps maintain cellular health and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Improves micro-circulation and lightens the legs

The Gotu-Kola extract in MyBodySlim promotes venous health and blood circulation, which is essential for fighting cellulite and improving skin quality. Better circulation also helps to lighten the legs, reducing the feeling of heaviness and fatigue.

10 ingredients to moisturize, protect and strengthen skin, hair and nails

  • Marine Collagen Peptides

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Vitamin C (acerola extract)

  • Vitamin E

Our marine collagen peptides are rich in essential amino acids to stimulate natural collagen production in your body. Thanks to their rapid absorption, our marine collagen peptides work deeply to improve the elasticity of your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the health of your hair and nails.

Hyaluronic acid has a unique ability to retain water, which helps maintain optimal hydration in your skin. By penetrating deep into your epidermis, hyaluronic acid stimulates the natural production of collagen for firmer, more elastic skin.

Acerola is a small berry rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production and reduces dark spots. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, acerola protects the skin against free radicals and external aggressions.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your skin against damage caused by free radicals and UV rays. It can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin texture and elasticity. In addition to these skin benefits, vitamin E can also help strengthen the immune system.

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Guarana extract

  • Gotu-Kola Extract

  • Turmeric Extract

  • SOD B (melon extract)

  • Lipase

Green tea extract is rich in catechins and caffeine. Catechins are powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin against free radical damage, while caffeine stimulates lipolysis, helping to reduce body fat. This can help diminish the appearance of cellulite and improve skin elasticity.

Guarana is a significant source of caffeine, a stimulant that increases lipolysis, the breakdown of lipids or fats stored in the body. This contributes to fat burning and body slimming, also helping to reduce cellulite​​.

Gotu-Kola is recognized for its properties improving blood circulation and collagen synthesis. It helps strengthen blood vessels and improve skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of cellulite and promoting firmer, smoother skin.

Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In MyBodySlim, it helps reduce inflammation and combat oxidative stress, which can contribute to overall skin health and prevention of skin aging. It may also play a role in reducing fat accumulation under the skin.

SOD B provides powerful antioxidant protection, helping to reduce free radical damage in skin cells. It can improve the overall appearance of the skin and is particularly beneficial in combating cellulite, promoting smoother, more even skin.

Clinical results:

-4kg in 3 months

-4cm in 3 months

-22% on the most femoral and gluteal muscles

Lipase is an enzyme that helps break down fats. In MyBodySlim, it contributes to weight management by facilitating the breakdown of stored fat, which can help reduce cellulite and improve skin texture, making it firmer and more toned.


Your companion to reduce cellulite and find your ideal figure

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