Marine collagen powder: the best for the skin

Marine collagen powder: the best for the skin

For several decades, collagen has been used to regenerate the skin and provide rejuvenation. Its tremendous effects appear so quickly that its popularity has continued to grow.

More recent discoveries have, however, shown that it would be possible to rejuvenate not only the face but also the entire body.

However, not all collagens are capable of this.

So which collagen to buy? What are the preferred sources of collagen and in what forms?

Marine collagen powder: the best for the skin. Find out why!

Collagens and multiple bioavailabilities

Far from popular belief, not all collagen molecules are equal. This is why, at the risk of seeming obvious to some, it is important to have a grid of relevant criteria when you want to choose an anti-aging treatment based on collagen peptide.

Let us first remember that the body produces its own collagen throughout its life but that aging slows down this process and ultimately stops it. This partly explains a certain number of skin problems which become very visible from the age of 40.

Furthermore, while most people perceive this molecule as a homogeneous block, your body actually contains several kinds, each with its own specificities. These are in particular types 1, 2, 3, the lack of which is quickly felt as we age. If you want to understand why, do not hesitate to consult our article explaining the properties of these different types of collagen in your body.

Also, the products available on the market claiming to be able to support the aging process must be able to fill the deficiencies created by the reduction of types 1, 2 and 3.

But your specifications should not stop there because another criterion is important: the bioavailability of the collagen you will use.

Why do we say that marine collagen is more bioavailable?

The bioavailability of collagen is the amount that our body can absorb in relation to the total amount of collagen it receives.

When a collagen product is used, this is the portion that your body actually receives after naturally processing it. It is therefore the fraction of the product that you use that will actually be used, to tighten the skin on your face for example.

The huge advantage of marine collagen is that it is much lighter than other forms of animal collagen (bovine collagen in particular).

This particularity makes it very bio “available”: your body retains a larger part of it and your body therefore uses it more easily.

Other reasons to prefer marine collagen

The other undeniable advantage of marine collagen is that its molecular structure is very close to that of human collagen.

This allows it to be used longer and more effectively by your body, compared to other collagens, especially to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

The fantastic possibilities of organic marine collagen powder

However, the opportunities that marine collagen offers the body do not end there.

When it comes in powder form, it is possible to incorporate it directly into the food bowl, advantageously using the nutrition circuit so that your whole body benefits from its benefits.

From then on, your face is no longer the only one to rejuvenate: you can also find more comfortable sensations, from your joints to your vitality.

The last notable advantage of taking marine collagen through nutrition rather than by injection is that it can be combined with other active ingredients. This approach allows you to fill other dietary deficiencies to further increase your daily quality of life.

In order to be entirely consistent with this approach to “living better”, if possible choose marine collagen from organic cultivation. Do the same for the other active ingredients that accompany it.

MyCollagenLift: an anti-aging food supplement made from the most relevant choices

For all these reasons we have chosen, in the MyPUREskin laboratories, to use organic marine collagen to create a formula of exclusively natural ingredients, without preservatives and without additives.

The result is unique: the ease with which you can integrate this anti-aging food supplement into your daily health routine helps you experience the journey to middle age more easily.

By adding natural acerola extracts rich in vitamin C, but also wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E, we help your body to fill up with antioxidants, effective in fighting free radicals and other external aggressions. . By adding excellent hyaluronic acid, ceramides and organic silicon, all of natural origin, we also stimulate your natural production of collagen proteins, thus helping tissue regeneration.

The results of this source of rejuvenating drink offering a quality collagen supplement allow you to live in your body more comfortably as you age.

Indeed, by reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones, MyCollagenLift effectively completes the hydration effort of your entire body and strongly contributes to regaining the radiance and firmness of younger-looking skin. It also improves your digestion and helps you control your weight. Finally, it reduces joint pain and increases your vitality.

Ready to choose your next anti-aging treatment?