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3 preconceived ideas about nutricosmetics: make no mistake!

If creams and injections of active ingredients are well known in the world of aesthetics, we hear a little less about nutricosmetics.

A contraction of “nutrition” and “cosmetics”, this approach offers consumers the opportunity to benefit from certain beauty benefits by consuming cocktails of very specific nutrients.

Unfortunately, shortcuts are quickly taken and misconceptions begin to circulate: weight loss, reduction of hair loss and reduction of wrinkles combine in a ballet of confusion.

But then, what exactly does nutricosmetics deal with? In what cases should it be used and what results can be expected?

Discover 3 preconceived ideas about nutricosmetics in order to make a more informed choice for your next purchase.

No, nutricosmetics does not replace cosmetics

The weapon of choice when it comes to shining in society, hiding a skin problem or getting closer to a self-aesthetic closer to the image we have of ourselves, cosmetics is a common practice. and very old.

Faced with the problems that its development has generated over the centuries, ranging from animal cruelty to health risks, alternative approaches have emerged.

Thus, alongside creams, lotions and ointments, pharmacy shelves have seen the arrival of food supplements offering your skin similar beauty benefits in certain cases.

As part of an effort to support healthy aging, we often come to ask ourselves the question of effectiveness: why persist in using skin-applied cosmetics offering “surface” results when Is it possible to treat problems “from the inside” with a swallowable nutricosmetic solution?

Despite what we tend to believe, nutricosmetics are not intended to replace cosmetics for three key reasons:

  • The results of a cream are generally visible within a few hours on the skin, whereas it generally takes several days to several weeks to notice the first visible effects of a nutricosmetic;
  • The cosmetic approach is broad in that the definition of beauty can be varied while the motto of nutricosmetics is: “beautiful skin is healthy skin”.

Unlike hyaluronic acid injections for example, nutricosmetics does not offer a local approach focused solely on aesthetics. On the contrary, it consists of trying to provide the nutrients lacking in the body to allow your skin to radiate health and thus express natural beauty.

No, nutricosmetics are not used “for dieting”

If nutricosmetic products are indeed food supplements, they share neither the same ingredients nor the same objectives as certain products falling into this category.

There is in fact a wide range of supplements allowing muscle mass gain or targeting weight loss.

Nutricosmetics, as its name suggests, is an approach aimed at offering beauty benefits, mainly focused on the skin.

Thus, although certain high quality nutricosmetics offer very interesting results both for improving the quality of skin and hair, for alleviating joint pain and for weight control, they are not made to “go on a diet”.

In other words, keep this in mind: nutricosmetics are food supplements, but not all food supplements are nutricosmetics.

Choose a complementary approach by combining a beauty routine based on classic cosmetics and a food supplement to obtain long-term and in-depth results.

No, the active ingredients you consume do not reach your skin directly.

Among the key ingredients in nutricosmetic products, collagen is a leader.

An active ingredient that our skin needs to maintain its firmness, among other things, collagen sees its production decrease during the aging process.

From our twenties, our body slows down its production, which leads our epidermis to gradually age, eventually showing the signs of aging that we know well such as fine lines and wrinkles.

This is the reason why food supplements in the nutricosmetic industry largely use collagen.

Whether porcine, bovine or marine, this essential element in supporting your aging has essentially the same properties.

However, it would be wrong to think that “eating collagen” is enough to replace the collagen lost by your epidermis and dermis.

Received idea that has hard skin, this vision is erroneous because to reach the cells of your skin barrier, the collagen in your food supplements must first pass through your digestive system.

From the stomach to the intestines, it will be exposed to high levels of acidity, stifling heat, and to a bacterial flora which will be responsible for cutting it into smaller units.

In other words, to reach your blood circulation and end up in your skin, collagen will have to lose its properties of...collagen!

Indeed, it is the amino acids, the blocks making up the collagen protein, which will pass the intestinal barrier to integrate the blood circuit.

Therefore, these are amino acids that your body can use to rebuild itself, maintain itself, or even grow, and it is, among other things, from these amino acids that your cells will be able to continue their proper production of collagen. shape.

MyCollagenLift: beauty benefits that match the quality of the ingredients

Aware of the problems that your skin encounters on a daily basis, the MyPUREskin team is pleased to see that it helps to support healthy aging.

Thanks to MyCollagenLift, a nutricosmetic cocktail in which each ingredient has been selected for its natural origin and its ability to enter into synergy with the other elements of its unique formula, you can:

  • Nourish your skin;
  • Support it in its collagen production;
  • Contribute to your skin's natural defense mechanisms against certain premature aging factors.

Indeed, MyCollagenLift is nothing less than:

  • Marine collagen peptides (obtained by hydrolysis and whose low molecular weight allows better bioavailability);
  • Hyaluronic acid, capable of carrying nearly 1000 times its weight in order to contribute to good hydration of your skin, in depth and over time;
  • Wheat ceramides (gluten-free) accompany this hydration by helping to protect your body from insensitive water loss;
  • Organic silicon, a skin restructuring agent offering your body support for your body's antioxidant defense mechanisms;
  • Vitamin C extracted from acerola, contributing to the neutralization of free radicals;
  • Vitamin E, playing a similar role;
  • Grape OPCs whose polyphenolic structure contributes to this antioxidant effort;
  • Zinc, a trace element also helping to support your natural defenses against free electrons.

Ready to choose the nutricosmetic product that suits you best to accompany your other skin care products? So why not develop a more effective beauty routine by starting a first course of MyCollagenLift over 3 months?

In just a few weeks, the first results will delight you. Better flexibility and firmness for your skin are on the program as well as other beauty benefits: why not take advantage of them?