Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen: an astonishing duo

Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen: an astonishing duo

Numerous clinical studies on hyaluronic acid have demonstrated: this natural ingredient has wonderful properties.

Contributing to the healing process, this compound, produced by some of your cells, helps retain water deep in your skin to gradually release it to ensure its constant hydration. However its power does not stop there. Not content with preventing you from the inconvenience of dry skin, hyaluronic acid plays a role in supporting the action of collagen present in your body.

Even more impressive: the most recent studies show that certain specific forms of this peptide, such as organic marine collagen hydrolyzate, become even more effective in the presence of hyaluronic acid.

What are the benefits for the skin and the rest of your body? When and how to use them for maximum results? Today we explain everything to you to make the right choice.

Symbiosis: a magic word that makes your life possible

The human body is an extremely complex piece of machinery. The very diverse bacteria present in your intestinal flora must work together to help each other. We're talking about symbiosis: a very sophisticated cooperation that allows the activities of some to benefit others, ensuring interdependent cohabitation that allows you to... digest food correctly!

Digestion: when your intestinal flora turns out to be a second brain

“Intestinal flora, a second brain”. This expression has been very fashionable in recent years, and for good reason: the latest advances in the field now allow us to better understand the importance of the digestive system in the proper functioning of the rest of the body.

The reason that makes it a central element of your health is the capital role it plays in this case in a primordial function of your body: nutrition.

We talk about the second brain because the digestive system is capable of refusing what it considers potentially too harmful for you (this is what happens, among other things, when you uncomfortably return a lunch with expired ingredients an hour after the meal ). It is also able to recognize what it can process through the digestive process, how to process it and what to pass into your blood system to nourish your organs.

Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen: approved by your digestive system!

Another name for your intestinal flora is the “intestinal microbiota”. If this name sounds familiar to you, that's normal: it is the selling point of probiotic products, for a very simple reason. A “pro”-“biotic” is a cocktail of ingredients that supports the longevity of your microbiota and even the quality of it, when the product in question is carefully designed with the best ingredients and the most advanced processes possible.

Whether or not it benefits from the help of probiotics, your microbiota is constantly working to identify what enters your body through food, to filter it upstream when necessary and to process it to extract the nutrients which will then be sent where it is needed. All of these functions are made possible by the symbiosis of bacteria that live in your intestines.

So, when you eat fish, the small portion of marine collagen contained in its skin is identified by your digestive system and then processed to become a nutrient usable by your organs, of which your epidermis is the most visible beneficiary.

However, your digestive system has its limits: the “yield” of your “digesting factory” can sometimes be very low, as is the case when you ingest collagen through traditional food (meat-based dishes). , fish, etc.).

This nutritional problem is true for many nutrients. This is why human beings have continually refined their culinary techniques in order to get the most out of what they eat.

However, where gastronomic traditions also meet their limits, nutritional medicine has had to take over, in order to explain the mechanisms of digestion and the means to expect better results.

Nutritional choices and synergy: when hyaluronic acid and marine collagen sing in unison

This is what led researchers in nutrition and anti-aging medicine to carry out numerous clinical studies to finally understand that marine collagen hydrolyzate was the best form to make available to the digestive system. This is why organic marine collagen is said to be very “bioavailable”.

However, the research did not want to stop there. Indeed, the equivalent for the ingredients of what we call “symbiosis” in living organisms has a specific name: we speak of “synergy”.

The extension of research carried out separately on marine collagen and hyaluronic acid was bound to lead to the study of their effects when they are made available together to the human body. The resulting results cannot be better described.

Indeed, the synergy between organic marine collagen hydrolyzate and natural hyaluronic acid increases the effects of both.

Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen cocktail: what effects on the skin?

Rehydrated, tightened, and made more resistant, the skin is the organ on which the effects of marine collagen hydrolyzate are most visible. However, when combined with hyaluronic acid, this fantastic peptide shows its true colors. Thus, cures using these two ingredients in sufficient quantity and quality make it possible in just 4 weeks to obtain results such as:

  • The reduction or even disappearance of several wrinkles and fine lines;
  • Faster healing and improved skin resistance;
  • Very clear improvement in the radiance of the complexion.

However, the amazing anti-aging effects of this amazing duo don't stop there.

Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen cocktail: what effects on internal organs?

Indeed, the internal organs, escaping direct view, also benefit greatly from the combination of hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. It is especially in the daily sensations that the happy consumers of such a cocktail see the differences.

This is because muscles, bones, tendons, mucous membranes and the surface of internal organs are originally built with collagen. Are therefore generally noted:

  • A reduction in joint pain;
  • An increase in the amplitude of the axes of mobility in people who are greatly affected by age;
  • A feeling of increased comfort during a seated position;

MyCollagenLift: optimize your nutrition to live better

Aware of the importance of all these discoveries, the very wise teams of experts from the MyPUREskin laboratories could not afford to ignore the power of organic marine collagen hydrolyzate and natural hyaluronic acid to design their solution. anti-aging nutrition.

Composed from ingredients exclusively from nature such as wheat germ oil, grapes, melon, acerola... MyCollagenLift is a source of nutritional rejuvenation with innovative effects because it offers an additional batch of unique effects, the most salient of which are:

  • Better digestion;
  • Better quality of nails and hair;
  • A feeling of renewed vitality.

Rich in free radicals, this companion to anti-aging cures increases your immune defenses and helps you fight against the harmful effects of stress and an overly sedentary life that exceptional crisis situations tend to favor.

By allowing you to set up a health routine that gives pride of place to nutrition with MyCollagenLift, the cocktail of hyaluronic acid and marine collagen has never been more necessary for those who want to improve their quality of life and maintain it over time. Take what you deserve: the means to live better, quite simply.