Light on your skin: clinical study of organic silicon

Light on your skin: clinical study of organic silicon

Organic silicon… a very strange name. Far from the “silicon chips” that we find in our computers, this mineral salt essential to the proper functioning of our body has not been talked about for a long time.

It is because a silicon deficiency does not generally trigger symptoms that the scientific literature has paid little attention to its role until now. However, these days are over because, while anti-aging medicine focuses more and more precisely on the impact of this ingredient on the aging of the human body, the nutritional solutions that integrate it into their cocktail are becoming more and more effective.

What is the role of organic silicon? Why and how to consume it? What explains its growing popularity among people who stay younger longer? Today, your team is shedding light on your skin by exploring with you the facts behind the trend of organic silicon being found in anti-aging dietary supplements to drink.

Organic silicon in questions

A trace element necessary for the proper functioning of the human body, silicon is involved in the composition and maintenance of bone quality, but also in the renewal of the immune system.

It is also necessary for maintaining cartilage which tends to crumble with age and also plays a key role in the tasks that the body entrusts to the liver.

Why consume silicon?

Your body is a fantastic machine, whose regenerative capabilities are impressive. Unfortunately, to ensure this regeneration, it needs basic materials.

Unlike plants which can synthesize a certain number of their basic building blocks on their own by exploiting the power of the sun (photosynthesis), your body must in fact find in its environment some of the ingredients necessary for its survival.

This is the case for silicon, which we are incapable of producing.

Just like many mineral salts, it is through drinks that we generally recover silicon. This is the meaning of the formula “to rehydrate”, literally: to replenish hydrates, ions (silicon, potassium, magnesium, etc.) made naturally soluble by the dynamics of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and trapped at the end by the spring water we consume.

Only these “hydrates”, of which silicon is a part, can hydrate your body.

This is the reason why distilled water (free of ions, i.e. mineral salts) does not quench thirst.

Organic silicon, more accessible than its mineral version?

Unfortunately, still water from the public water supply, although perfectly drinkable, is not necessarily as rich in silicon as some spring waters. It is often even too little.

The power supply then takes over.

So, when water is not adapted to its needs, the body draws the silicon it needs from its food. These are the cereals that prove to be the most nutritious in this regard: wheat, oats, barley, spelt... but white beans and lentils are also quite rich sources.

Coming from living matter, silicon is then qualified as “organic”.

If you have difficulty drinking enough and/or the taste of waters rich in silicon such as Evian or Volvic bothers you, opting for the consumption of organic silicon through a diet rich in cereals is a good idea. option.

Unfortunately, our lifestyles and the increasing refinement of the dishes we consume create imbalances which make access to silicon sometimes complicated. Indeed, many cereal boxes today only have the name and ingredient labels often begin with “sugar”, only relaying at the very end of the chain, and with a low concentration, the real share of cereals in the products you consume.

If a silicon deficiency seems to have no direct consequences in the short term, the signs accompanying premature aging can unfortunately be felt as early as the thirties.

Organic silicon and marine collagen

Indeed, this is when silicon truly comes into play in the theater of your life.

When joint pain, the first sign of a serious loss of collagen, is felt, silicon becomes a real ally. Even more impressive: silicon can treat and prevent certain diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

In a 2017 study on silicon , Doctor Geusens and his team demonstrated the positive results of a form of the trace element on the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

In 2005, Professor Barel had also already proven through his study on the effects of oral intake of silicon the effectiveness of a specific form of the mineral salt on improving the quality of nails, hair and of sun damaged skin.

Other studies are joining the cohort more recently and the evidence is gathering more and more quickly, pointing to the very broad role of silicon.

One of the most surprising results observed recently shows that silicon can attach to long chains of collagen such as marine collagen.

In doing so, silicon supports the effect of collagen.

This is why anti-aging food supplements are now increasingly integrating it into their formula.

By facilitating the absorption of highly bioavailable collagens, such as marine collagen, and helping to stimulate your body's production of collagen, organic silicon helps you stay younger for longer.

How to compose your organic silicon treatment?

It is therefore quite natural that an ideal organic silicon treatment will necessarily include other elements to maximize the benefits on your health.

Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and acerola: the winning trio

Food supplements based on marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, in this case, are excellent partners for organic silicon.

So what can you expect from such a daily treatment? The main benefits are, most of the time, from 4 weeks:

  • An improvement in the quality of nails and hair;
  • Better quality of skin texture;
  • Reduced dryness deep in the dermis, a sign of better hydration;
  • Better resistance and greater flexibility of the epidermis;
  • A notable reduction in joint pain.

If, moreover, you compose your cure by adding some superfoods, such as acerola, and wheat germ oil, you can easily add better digestion and greater health to your list of benefits. vitality.

And the quantities?

In his 2005 study, following previous studies by his peers, Doctor Barel had already confirmed that from 10 mg, a silicon treatment can claim to be quickly effective.

Also, prefer certain generous food supplements offering a greater concentration, such as MyCollagenLift , which contains 15 mg.