Food supplements: what is the difference between marine and bovine collagen?

Food supplements: what is the difference between marine and bovine collagen?

It's no secret: our body gradually stops producing the elements necessary to maintain it as time goes by. In other words: the aging process causes the body to slow down the renewal of its cells.

For a long time, aesthetic medicine was only interested in certain external aspects such as the skin and, in particular, that of the face.

However, even if it is indeed an essential element for a healthy self-perception, we now know that it is not the only part that can benefit from the most important medical advances of recent decades.

It is precisely in an effort to make the philosophy of better living available to everyone that the modern world allows that a multiplicity of new aesthetic solutions are emerging. The place that marine collagen takes, in this regard, in recent anti-aging treatments, compared to its bovine form, is indisputable. Why is that ?

To answer this question as well, naturally, as the one concerning the choice of an effective treatment, it is important to raise another question: “what exactly is this quest that drives you?”

Bovine collagen: visible results above all

The formidable anti-wrinkle effect of bovine collagen is likely to seduce you from the first encounter. First used in injections, this compound effectively supporting the work of tendons, muscles and skin quickly established itself as an essential remedy. This is why any collagen treatment has for a long time favored this choice, having few alternatives and not noting any immediate disadvantages.

As we become everyone's eldest, however, presenting ourselves in our best light no longer becomes the only reason that pushes us to resort to an anti-aging treatment.

For example, we appreciate more and more being able to be relieved of some joint pain, to see that of our tendons added to the newfound elasticity of our skin, in short to recover a little of the tone, of the firmness and flexibility offered by youth which can sometimes make us nostalgic.

In this regard, bovine collagen cannot offer more than assistance, however great, in continuing to appear youthful.

However, is this really what we want? With the advent of an era that allows us to connect with the world in ways never before possible, it is easier for us to be better informed. Also, in a quest for well-being, more and more of us are realizing that we are no longer only offered to appear young on the outside... but to be young on the inside.

Marine collagen: competitive advantages that are difficult to compete with

Effective anti-aging, marine collagen peptides can also prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or even cause them to fade. However, the fantastic benefit of these miracles of nature brought to light by scientific innovation, achieved through constant research, lies in the role they have to play in re-defining the aging process.

The power of marine collagen indeed exceeds all expectations of aesthetic medicine as it was only recently conceived in that it intervenes in a way that defies time. How ? By contributing effectively to the preservation of good health.

To explain it, numerous studies agree on a precise point: the dress that marine collagen takes on to invite itself to the ball of fortifying your body allows it to be discreet to better shine within you. The smaller size of marine collagen peptides, compared to their bovine alternatives, offers superior bioavailability allowing you to benefit from the antioxidant effects that your joints particularly appreciate.

Because our body assimilates marine collagen much more easily, the effects we benefit from are much more appreciable. This bioavailability is a key factor giving marine collagen an indisputable preference for our body.

It is in this invaluable contribution to the effort made by each and everyone to age better that marine collagen proves its value.

Why choose marine collagen as a food supplement?

In short, the reason why we are putting the unparalleled MyCollagenLift formula in your hands today can be summed up in two words: health and beauty.

Because we know that sagging skin and the more uncomfortable signs that accompany it are not inevitable, our MyPURESkin teams make it their mission to allow you to benefit from the best and this requires better nutrition.

Of natural origin, our marine collagen treatment solution is therefore the ideal anti-aging food supplement that will gently accompany you throughout the wonderful journey that is the rest of your life.