Marine collagen: the miracle protein for young skin, info or poison?

Marine collagen: the miracle protein for young skin, info or poison?

Marine collagen is increasingly associated in everyone's minds with the prowess of anti-aging medicine which offers the unprecedented opportunity for better well-being in our old age. While it is true that the effects of this molecule are astonishingly effective, the questions remain: what is the secret of its power? How is marine collagen a relevant ingredient for quality anti-wrinkle solutions? What explains the power of this miracle protein? Discover the truth about marine collagen today.

Collagen: a key protein in the functioning of your skin

An essential component of the skin, collagen is a protein that works in concert with other key components such as elastin to allow the skin to maintain its elasticity.

The aging process, the effects of which can be felt from the age of 25, leads to a gradual slowdown in the body's production of this important molecule.

The consequences for the epidermis are dramatic: the loss of flexibility caused quickly leads to the obvious observation that early youth is only temporary. If fine lines and wrinkles are the most representative evidence of this natural process, the problems unfortunately do not stop there.

Indeed, by seeing its mechanical resistance decrease, the skin performs its role as a protective barrier of the body less effectively and soon the immune defenses are much more stressed while movements become rarer and slower because they are more painful.

Alongside the gradual process of the journey towards middle age, several factors conspire to alter the rate at which the body's functioning deteriorates: air pollution, tobacco, alcohol, overeating and lack of sleep are often highlighted as being the first culprits.

While it is true that these epigenetic players accelerate the aging process, it is in reality behaviors that are the primary causes of this premature degradation. Also, it is only by integrating the positive ideas of a philosophy of “living better” that we can effectively prevent the difficulties posed by old age, which we too often think are inevitable.

Indeed, if the skin necessarily loses its elasticity and the joints inevitably see their flexibility diminish, there is a world of difference between a less comfortable body and a painful daily life.

In fact, it is in a coherent health routine that the use of an anti-aging treatment must be given the central role of a providential source of youth.

Explorers of well-being, at all ages, those who realize that the fight against aging begins in behavior, will be happy to learn that it is possible to replace lost natural collagen to a certain extent. .

Marine collagen and food supplements: not all modes of action are equal

It is particularly in marine collagen peptides that anti-aging medicine specialists have found an answer to the question of rejuvenation.

With a structure very close to its human counterpart, marine collagen protein has the wonderful effect of stimulating its production while stimulating the body to resume and maintain a level of production of associated molecules (such as elastin ), leading to the reduction or even disappearance of certain wrinkles and fine lines.

However, make no mistake: to benefit from such efficiency, a local application will not be enough.

It is in fact necessary to adopt a more complete approach, capable of acting on your body in depth to transform the very functioning of your cells. These specifications therefore involve relying on nutrition.

Thus, it is only by ensuring high bioavailability of quality marine collagen that your body can hope to feel significant well-being relatively quickly.

Having fully understood the imperative need to provide truly effective solutions, many specialists in anti-aging medicine have looked into the issue. However, it is clear that not all treatments are equal: some lack effectiveness while others cause undesirable side effects.

But then, isn't there a real solution? Can an anti-aging treatment with marine collagen really be the solution to the problem of premature and uncomfortable aging?

MyCollagenLift: when rejuvenation is delivered without compromise

Some scientists among these specialists took the gamble on succeeding in developing a solution free of chimeras. Thus, far from products that claim to be both very inexpensive and effective, it is by sparing neither effort nor resources that they have been able to develop a treatment whose effectiveness does not suffer from any side effects.

This is particularly the case for experts in Swiss anti-aging medicine who are the pride of the MyPUREskin laboratories, by giving birth to MyCollagenLift , a food supplement solution which combines organic marine collagen and the most natural hyaluronic acid, with the image of all the other ingredients of an innovative formula.

By gradually eliminating certain “symptoms” of poor aging, this anti-aging food supplement offers the opportunity to better experience, from the age of 25, the journey of healthy aging.

By allowing your skin to smooth and firm up, MyCollagenLift helps prevent and to some extent reverse sagging skin in key areas such as the eye and mouth area or the neck.

Rich in antioxidants of natural origin, this treatment provides better hydration and regeneration, the aesthetic effects of which are quickly visible.