Collagen-based recipe: homemade anti-aging nutrition possible?

Collagen-based recipe: homemade anti-aging nutrition possible?

Is your skin crying for help? Are you looking for a solution to take better care of it? Nutricosmetics has made fantastic progress, so much so that it is becoming more and more tempting to start an anti-aging treatment using an exceptional food supplement such as MyCollagenLift.

While such an approach can be sufficient in itself, it offers better results when accompanied by good practices.

Furthermore, certain more traditional but often unknown solutions can also prove useful. In this case: can a collagen-based recipe replace a nutricosmetic product?

If yes, which one to choose? If not, is there an easy-to-implement anti-aging treatment? In other words: is “homemade” anti-aging nutrition possible?

Anti-aging recipes that deserve to be known

"Grandma's recipes" have always been very successful, if we are to believe the longevity of the traditions that accompany them. It may even be surprising to find that some seem to have positive effects on the skin.

However, this approach is no longer the only way to support skin aging today. Indeed, scientific progress in this area now makes it possible to understand certain mechanisms... to use them better!

Collagen-based recipes: forgotten but very useful dishes

Bone broth: natural source of collagen

Although soups are rarely included in festive meals, they nonetheless remain an excellent source of nutrition. An excellent way to rehydrate your body, those cooked with bone broth have the advantage of being rich in collagen. By simmering beef bones over low heat for several hours, it becomes possible to “tear” them of nutritional elements, such as the collagen in which they are rich.

Fish bones and their virtues

Less known than bone broth, fried fish bones offer a delicious source of collagen since once they become crispy, they become much easier to consume. By coating them, for example, with breadcrumbs and immersing them in an oil bath, you will obtain the sufficient texture to consume the heart of this ingredient rich in marine collagen.

The unusual cake with eggshell powder

You may not have known it, but it turns out that the internal membrane of the chicken egg, firmly stuck to the shell, contains collagen. By grinding an eggshell to make a fine powder, it becomes possible to mix it with flour to make a cake.

By combining evenly with the other ingredients, the eggshell will not add any taste but will provide your dessert with its share of nutrients, mainly calcium and... collagen.

The nutritional limits of collagen-based recipes

Unfortunately, these different dishes must go through preparation methods which have in common undesirable effects on the components of your ingredients: they destroy them.

Boiling, frying, baking... Temperature, pressure, hydrolysis and lypolysis are all mechanisms that denature the collagen protein.

Before being denatured, this molecule is also too large to be easily used by your body. Furthermore, when it passes through your digestive system, it is even more degraded.

Collagen-based food supplements for optimal nutrition

This is why specialists in the world of nutrition have created alternative solutions to classic cooking.

The best of them choose marine collagen peptides: smaller units, obtained by hydrolysis, that is to say by breaking the “large” collagen protein into several smaller molecules with water. (we then say that they have a lower molecular weight than the collagen protein). Better assimilated by your body, these peptides are said to be more “bio available”.

Thus making it possible to offer your body the ingredients that it struggles to obtain from a daily diet that is often too poor from a nutritional point of view, food supplements have become a good alternative.

Among these, anti-aging nutricosmetics offer you the ability to remedy collagen deficiencies appearing during aging from the inside. By providing your body with the key elements for stimulating your own production of endogenous collagen, these particular food supplements support you in your aging process.

MyCollagenLift and its collagen: An optimal solution for “aging better”

The philosophy of the MyPUREskin teams is based on 3 clear principles:

  • Offer beauty benefits to your skin from a “pro-aging” perspective;
  • Contribute to preserving it in the long term;
  • Offer you progressive results.

To respond to this roadmap, the experts at MyPUREskin laboratories have developed MyCollagenLift, a concentrate of youth in its purest form. Responding to the triple need for stimulation, nutrition and cell protection, this new type of anti-aging food supplement stands out from existing products on the market by combining significant advantages:

  • A unique formula: 9 powerful, highly synergistic ingredients designed to maximize your results.
  • A pure product: 100% of natural origin, without superfluous ingredients, sugar-free and gluten-free
  • Its origin: produced in Switzerland with demanding quality standards and hand-picked ingredients.

The MyCollagenLift cocktail is therefore based on a clever mixture whose “stimulation” and “nutrition” aspects are ensured by:

  • Marine collagen peptides, chosen for their ability to improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin and stimulate your collagen production;
  • Hyaluronic acid capturing more than 1000 times its weight in water to hydrate you deeply and intensely;
  • Ceramides extracted from wheat to optimize the hydration of your skin thanks to its particular properties which protect you from insensible water loss;
  • Organic silicon capable of restructuring your epidermis and dermis.

Its "protection" component consists of a real shield fighting against free radicals thanks to:

  • Grape OPCs with antioxidant properties;
  • Vitamin C (from acerola fruit) and vitamin E whose free radical neutralization capabilities are exceptional;
  • Zinc whose ability to associate with SOD gives it a role as an electron trap;
  • SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase), an enzyme reinforcing the activity of the complex of which it is part to protect the inside and outside of your cells.

Need to take care of your skin with a collagen “boost”? Start your first 3-month treatment today for progressive results visible from 4 weeks!