Antioxidant drinks: comfortable solution to a major problem

Antioxidant drinks: comfortable solution to a major problem

Since institutions such as the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants) have made available to the general public the means to choose truly effective antioxidant products, more and more people are interested in the issue of oxidative stress.

Caused by free radicals, small molecules reacting with your body, oxidative stress reduces the lifespan of your cells and worse... disrupts their functioning!

Associated, with other factors, with accelerated aging but also with the onset of chronic diseases, particularly of the skin, oxidative stress has in fact become one of the enemies most targeted by food supplements.

These come in many forms and, among them, antioxidant drinks prove to be formidable allies.

How do these reduce oxidative stress? How to measure its effectiveness? What are the best antioxidant drinks currently available? Find out which ones you should eat and why.

Why consume antioxidants as a dietary supplement?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring elements in many fruits and vegetables. To be completely accurate, we should rather consider that many ingredients have “antioxidant properties”. Indeed, vitamin C contained in oranges, carotenoids from peppers or even vitamin E from wheat germ oil are some well-known examples.

If the body obtains what it needs to fight against oxidative stress through food, the profound and rapid changes in our consumption patterns over the last few decades have changed the situation.

Our food becomes more and more sweet, salty, acidic... unbalanced in short! As a result, your body can sometimes be seriously lacking in the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Dramatic consequences

The most visible consequence of this unfortunate combination of circumstances is the increase in the frequency of appearance of chronic diseases, all age groups combined. From the most serious (such as cancers) to the most "benign" (such as skin problems), these conditions often converge on premature aging of your cells.

The signs of aging then become more visible than expected and sometimes much too early!

Joint pain, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, digestion difficulties... the list goes on.

Anti-aging medicine to your rescue

To counter this avalanche of new problems, nutritional research has looked into the mechanisms of how antioxidants work in order to understand their effects. Understanding the aging process that results from this has led to the development of a number of highly effective drinking solutions to combat oxidative stress.

Food supplements to help your entire body

The question arises, however: why use a food supplement rather than a cream, especially for those who "only" have skin problems to report, especially when they are local? The answer is simple. Not only will a cream only be able to act superficially, but its field of action will be limited to your epidermis, struggling to really penetrate into the heart of the underlying layers of your dermis. In these conditions, you will not solve your problem, at most you will mask the symptoms, while waiting for a new episode of epidermal crisis to come.

Using a food supplement therefore has the advantage of passing through your digestive system and then irrigating your entire body thanks to the blood circulation.

Antioxidant drinks: what mechanisms?

When you choose to consume a drink with powerful antioxidants, based on acerola fruit extracts for example, the circuit that the content takes is as follows:

  • The liquid passes into your digestive system where it is processed;
  • The nutrients (whether neutral or antioxidants like vitamin C) collected pass the wall of your intestines to enter your blood capillaries (very fine vessels which line it);
  • Connected to these capillaries, larger vessels (the arteries) collect nutrients to bring them to all the organs they pass through, this is when the antioxidants begin their work;
  • In contact with the cells it encounters (hemoglobin in your blood, then cells in your skin, your heart, etc.), vitamin C, for example, "gives" some of its electrons to the free radicals present in your body. , in order to “neutralize” them.

What makes antioxidant drinks so effective is the choice of the type and quality of the molecules used. Vitamin C being a molecule which has two "free" electrons, that is to say which can be snatched by free radicals which lack electrons, it constitutes a good choice for composing an antioxidant drink.

Thus, ingredients rich in vitamin C are often the basis of such preparations.

PAOT: the indicator for measuring the antioxidant level of a product

However, it is very difficult for consumers to sort through the claims of brands offering antioxidant drinks. Indeed, three main problems arise:

  • The labels are not always very clear and it is sometimes difficult to determine why a particular ingredient is effective (in other words: does this ingredient really contain antioxidant molecules?);
  • Even knowing the molecules present in the ingredients, not everyone necessarily has the time to find out about the level of antioxidant properties of the molecules in question;
  • The details needed to determine the effectiveness of two different products using the same ingredients are rarely available.

In these conditions, how do you know which products to choose?

The IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants) has understood the distress of consumers and has sought, by being part of a collective effort aimed at enabling everyone to live better, to offer a response to this problem.

This response took the form of an objective indicator: the PAOT (Total Anti-Oxidant Power) score. This simple number assigned to any antioxidant product evaluated by the IEA determines its effectiveness very precisely.

Assigning this score allows everyone to know at a glance the ability of a product to reduce oxidative stress.

The scale is simple: from a PAOT score of 70, the IEA considers that a product is of quality because it is considered “effective in combating oxidative stress”.

Fortunately, many products available on the food supplement market achieve such a score, a sign of the maturity reached by nutritional technology based on antioxidants.

MyCollagenLift: the best antioxidant drink

However, if the representative score for antioxidant drinks is 70, it is possible to go much further.

This is what MyCollagenLift offers, thanks to an exceptional score of 294, well above the average figures.

The ambition of our team, in providing you with the uniquely effective antioxidant drink that is MyCollagenLift, is significant, because our objectives are plural:

  • Help you improve your quality of life with a product with rarely equaled virtues while being accessible thanks to an honest price;
  • Offering you straightforward transparency to help you understand why choosing MyCollagenLift means choosing an antioxidant drink of excellence;
  • Allow you to arm yourself with concepts that will guide you in the composition of an appropriate health routine.

Indeed, MyCollagenLift is part of a long-term perspective, with the aim of helping you to better cope with the difficulties that you may encounter at any age, since among the results that you will obtain in 4 weeks of treatment, you will note among other things :

  • A clear improvement in the radiance of your skin and its suppleness;
  • More comfortable digestion;
  • Greater flexibility in your joints, relief from some of the chronic pain you may have;