Oxidative stress and antioxidants: how to choose truly effective products?

Oxidative stress and antioxidants: how to choose truly effective products?

Oxidative stress has become a major problem of our century. Leading to premature aging of your organs, it reduces our quality of life by, for example, triggering dysfunctions within our skin.

Those who are surprised to discover wrinkles, persistent redness and skin problems of all kinds from the age of 25 are the most aware of the need to respond to this invisible enemy.

Fortunately, some key players in this fight such as the European Institute of Antioxidants (IEA) are innovating to help the medical profession relieve the ills caused by free radicals.

Recently evaluated, MyCollagenLift was declared an “ exceptional quality product ” by the IEA to combat oxidative stress . To arrive at such a conclusion, the institute used an objective indicator, the result of scientific research: the PAOT (Total Anti-Oxidant Power) score. And consumers, already satisfied, with MyCollagenLift have had the joy of being confirmed in their choice since this anti-aging food supplement has an extraordinary score of 294 !

PAOT: when science pushes the boundaries of self-knowledge

Building on the progress in information technology over the last decade and especially in artificial intelligence very recently, the least automatable industries have also managed to begin their digital revolution. The anti-aging medicine industry is one of them. Following the first hours of the health crisis, which highlighted the importance of increased control of individual health, it was only a matter of weeks before patients with chronic pathologies would skip the not “augmented medicine”. Allowing real-time measurements and therefore more appropriate treatments, biotech solutions have multiplied and been optimized to provide an approach with efficiency never before encountered.

In this context, the IEA PAOT measurement protocol has become all the more relevant.

It is also thanks to this protocol that it is today objectively possible to do justice to the exceptional effectiveness of MyCollagenLift .

It is also the chance for many people with skin problems to finally find a real solution , much more effective than most of the products currently available on the market .

Why is MyCollagenLift an excellent anti-aging medicine product, rehydrating your skin in a unique way? We deliver everything we know to you without restraint.

Knowing the biological age of your skin and its resistance to oxidative stress: a trend becoming a necessity

Gaining popularity over the past 20 years, blood tests to determine your biological age are gradually moving from fashionable status to necessity. This change reflects a difficulty that individuals in our contemporary societies must face: helplessness in the face of the factors of premature aging that assail us. Pollution of air, water, and above all... food, through the freedom of action of certain manufacturers and to the detriment of the proper functioning of our body.

Just think of the list of preservatives and chemical additives that appear on labels and of which it is now clear that they are sources of oxidative stress.

E150d and E330, still too present, hold the palm of gold in this regard. Aging correctly is therefore becoming more and more difficult and this problem is directly linked to the obstacle course represented by the process of eating correctly. In order to live longer and in better health, many people realize that it is becoming essential, not to say vital, to know as precisely as possible the effectiveness of the antioxidant products they use.

The PAOT score: the IEA’s tool of choice

Serving as a universal standard approved by the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants), the PAOT (Total Anti-Oxidant Power) score makes it possible to measure the oxidative stress reduction power of a product from industries:

  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Agri-food;
  • Nutricosmetics.

The effectiveness of the measurement and the obtaining of rapid and consistent results are the cornerstones of the relevance of this new tool in the eyes of true experts in anti-aging medicine for whom a good product is one with provable and proven properties. It is therefore quite natural that the MyPUREskin team wanted to give MyCollagenLift, whose satisfied consumers are multiplying, its baptism of fire. In this way, it was possible to reassure everyone by quickly and simply demonstrating to those looking for a real solution that it exists. Great good for us since we ourselves were surprised by the effectiveness of our product, the results of which appear to be even more beneficial than what traditional, rather limited, measurements generally show.

Anti-aging products without filter: when PAOT tells you the whole truth

But to understand why MyCollagenLift's score is great, it's important to understand what PAOT measures and how it measures it. It is the team of Doctor Pincemail Joël, from the University of Liège University Hospital, who managed, through long-term work, to gather in 2019 the measurements of biomarkers of oxidative stress of the skin within of the same concept: SOSS (Skin Oxidative Stress Status). Establishing a link between this “complete photograph” of the state of oxidative stress of the skin at a given moment and the power to reduce oxidative stress induced by the elements to which the skin is exposed (creams, food, gas, etc.), the Doctor Pincemail was able to develop an indicator taking into account the balance of redox reactions which take place within the epidermis. In doing so, the possibility of clearly determining the effect of an element on the skin, specifically from the point of view of the evolution of oxidative stress, became possible.

Why does MyCollagenLift have such a good PAOT score?

Vitamin C, vitamin E, organic marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, grape OPC… without being exhaustive, this list of exclusively natural ingredients accounting for the composition of MyCollagenLift is sufficient in itself to explain a good part of the effectiveness of the supplement. anti-aging food from MyPUREskin. The cocktail of anti-oxidants that each of these ingredients already represents individually puts within everyone's reach a range of beneficial effects that are difficult to find elsewhere. It is because Swiss know-how, which characterizes the technicality and efficiency of our engineers, is synonymous with excellence that the fine combinations of gifts from Mother Nature contained in MyCollagenLift ensure, among other things, in 4 weeks of treatment only :

  • A reduction in joint pain;
  • An increase in vitality;
  • A visible improvement in the quality of skin and hair;
  • Improved digestion;

How to consume MyCollagenLift in the best way for maximum results?

To obtain maximum results at the end of your 4-week course of anti-aging food supplement with marine collagen, it is important to respect three key points:

  • Regularity: take your food supplement every day;
  • Preservation: limit excess fat, sugar, alcohol and consume MyCollagenLift only with 200 mL of water, away from possible lemon juice so as not to harm the marine collagen peptides which are very sensitive;
  • Consistency: that of a healthy routine. Challenge your joints gradually as you progress through your treatment over the weeks. Take advantage of the effects of MyCollagenLift to stretch and do a little physical exercise to do your body good and directly notice the effects of the treatment on your feelings.