Buying marine collagen powder: a good habit?

Buying marine collagen powder: a good habit?

We talk about it everywhere. You see them on Facebook, in the suggestions on Google results pages, on the forums you frequent… but why are marine collagen powder products so popular? It's difficult to sort between offers that focus only on attractive packaging and those presenting a solid formula that satisfies real customers. But then, is marine collagen really as fantastic as nutricosmetic brands say? Are all marine collagens equal? Why take it in powder form rather than in another form? Are there really no side effects? And if it's that great, aren't there solid but easily understandable clinical studies to base your decision on? Today your health magazine takes stock to help you understand what it really is. Find out why marine collagen powder is on everyone's lips. So… buying marine collagen powder: a good habit?

Collagen in questions

Collagen is often presented as an essential ingredient in rejuvenation treatments. However, to understand why it is used in this context, we must answer a few key questions:

  • Where is collagen found and how is it produced?
  • What is it used for in nature?
  • How to consume it?
  • What actually happens when we consume it?

Collagen: where does it come from and what is it used for?

Collagen is a natural component present in all living beings in the animal kingdom, with rare exceptions. This element is so important that it is actually the most abundant protein in animals. It is one of the elements allowing human beings to have a skeleton, tendons or even muscles attached to it, a skin which acts as a barrier to the outside world.

Collagen: an omnipresent biological material

Indeed, collagen is both:

  • On average 5% of the body mass of mammals (or almost a quarter of the total protein mass of their body);
  • A major constituent of the wall of their veins and arteries, their bones, cartilage and muscles (among others);
  • A biological material called a "peptide", that is to say a constituent which is made up of several proteins (themselves made up of different elements called "amino acids", essential to life);
  • An astonishing diversity (there are around thirty types of collagen in the human body for example, each having a specific role).

In the same way that the reinforcing bars of a reinforced concrete building are its solid structure, type I collagen is, in humans, the ingredient which constitutes 90% of its “framework” (framework of bones, base of the skin, the wall of internal organs, tendons, muscle fibers, etc.).

This is why its role is so essential and this is why it is produced daily in abundance by your body from the moment you are born.

To understand how essential collagen is in the proper functioning of your body, just think about “brittle bone disease” which is the consequence of an inability of the human body to produce the expected collagen in quality and quantity. sufficient.

Collagen: various uses for beneficial effects

The omnipresence of collagen in the human body has led sports doctors to study its role in the physical recovery and natural repair processes of the athletes' bodies.

In particular, many possible medical applications have been discovered, of which here are some of the most commonly obtained results:

  • Consumption of type I collagen can prevent tendonitis due to intensive efforts;
  • Consumption of hydrolyzate of certain forms of collagen helps rebuild blood vessels, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease;
  • Incorporating a source of organic active hydrolyzed marine collagen into the daily diet tones and rehydrates diseased skin (erythema, edema, various skin injuries) in just 4 weeks.

Anti-aging medicine has also taken advantage of the formidable properties of collagen over the last few decades in order to make an old human dream a reality: rejuvenation.

The silent revolution of prolonged youth

Indeed, as human beings are genetically programmed to age, their production of collagen (of all types) slows down over the years, causing various joint problems, sagging skin, fragile internal organs and other health problems.

Realizing that it was possible to replace the collagen your body produces by supplementing with collagen from the animal kingdom, anti-aging medicine took a leap forward.

A true silent revolution began when researchers understood how to restart the production of collagen by the human body itself. In doing so, they opened the way for leading engineers who were able to design the nutrition solutions that are now popping up on the shelves of anti-aging products.

Taking collagen: should you just eat it so that the body can use it?

However, it is not enough to eat collagen extracted from nature as is for your body to use it.

Indeed, when the human body absorbs collagen through food, it must first transform it to make it available for use by its various organs. The digestion process unfortunately already destroys a good part of the collagen. This is why collagen powder has gradually become established. Indeed, after numerous clinical studies on the effects of collagen, several researchers discovered that the best way to limit the waste of collagen consumed and processed by the digestive system was to hydrolyze it.

Thus, it is now possible to benefit from the benefits of nutritional collagen in a much more effective way.

No side effects?

However, one might ask: are there no side effects to taking “external” collagen, not produced by your human body?

None of this is thankfully to be noted from years of using collagen products. In fact, an intimate understanding of the mechanisms at work is the very guarantee of the absence of these effects. In other words: where traditional practices required the consumption of certain meats and seafood, medicine provides an explanation and improves nutrition.

However, it has been noted that not all forms of collagen have the same level of effectiveness. Some are in fact better assimilated by your body. This is particularly the case for marine collagen.

Marine collagen, a more effective alternative?

As an extension of the research effort to develop a collagen-based nutrition solution, some specialists have managed to find a form of the peptide that is naturally better processed by the human body.

It is marine collagen, in this case, which turns out to be the great favorite pampered by your digestive system, compared to other collagens used until now (like bovine collagen for example).

Indeed, the proportion of marine collagen available after digestion is significantly higher than for other forms of the peptide. This is explained by the lighter weight of marine collagen's structure, which allows it to be better processed by the body.

Why is marine collagen so different?

To go beyond this observation and obtain even better results, numerous clinical studies on marine collagen highlight the astonishing gain in effectiveness when combined with hyaluronic acid.

Unlike bovine collagen for example, collagen actually has this capacity for synergy which makes it an ideal base for the next generation of anti-aging products.

Additional Benefits Marine Collagen Offers

Thanks to the work of scientific authorities in the field such as the studies of doctoral student Naoki Inoue in 2016 on the effects of marine collagen hydrolyzate on the skin , it is now certain that the advantage of marine collagen powder is the speed and the longevity of at least three beneficial effects, and the absence of undesirable side effects. These three blessed consequences are in particular:

  • Significant skin hydration power;
  • A great skin toning action;
  • An extraordinary capacity to increase the elasticity of the epidermis.

These conclusions alone are sufficient to decide many people from various age groups to integrate a food supplement based on powdered marine collagen into their health routine.

Which marine collagen powder to buy?

However, from a practical point of view, this is where the question remains thorny: given the many brands available on the market, which marine collagen to buy? As demonstrated by the results of Jérôme Asserin at the end of his clinical study on the combination of hydrolyzed marine collagen and hyaluronic acid , an ideal nutritional solution capitalizes at least on this cocktail.

However, here again, only organic active marine collagens can guarantee the best results, as noted by Inoue in his 2016 study.

MyCollagenLift: buy powdered, hydrolyzed, organic and active marine collagen for the best possible results

The MyPUREskin laboratory teams, constantly remaining abreast of the latest scientific advances in anti-aging medicine, have taken care to formulate their nutritional solution based on powdered marine collagen taking these key elements into account. It is at the cost of deploying exceptional know-how, for which Swiss researchers are well known, that MyCollagenLift was created.

By combining an excellent quality hyaluronic acid of 100% natural origin with an equally natural organic hydrolyzed marine collagen, these experts in anti-aging cures have managed to formulate a source of youth to drink which is part of a logic well-being without side effects.

This attachment to an entirely natural formula is also found in the other ingredients of MyCollagenLift which provide your body, working together, with a range of benefits such as:

  • A notable gain in vitality;
  • A clear reduction in joint pain;
  • A visible improvement in the quality of nails and hair;
  • Significant progress in your effort to control your weight.

But of course, MyCollagenLift is also and above all after a few weeks of daily consumption:

  • The regained radiance of your natural complexion;
  • More elastic and rehydrated skin;
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Based on these observations, if you were to ask MyCollagenLift consumers, they would answer: “buying marine collagen, is it a good habit? Yes without hesitation.”