The commitment of the MyPureSkin nutricosmetic laboratory

The commitment of the MyPUREskin nutricosmetic laboratory

Nutricosmetics is increasingly popular among those who are looking for a better quality life. Offering valuable help in rebalancing the body's needs, this modern and body-friendly approach which rhymes “beauty” with “health” is gaining more and more followers.

However, like any discipline aimed at well-being and body care, nutricosmetics cannot be practiced in any way. Our team tells you what it really is and what the commitment of the MyPUREskin nutricosmetic laboratory is .

Nutricosmetics: prolonging life and its quality

If nutricosmetics has since its beginnings offered to reduce health problems linked to malnutrition by supplementing the diet to rebalance it, this is not the only advantage it offers.

Indeed, our contemporary lifestyles expose us to multiple sources of pollution, the effects of which on our health are serious: hormonal dysfunctions, cancers and even… premature aging. It is not only your life expectancy but also its quality that decreases.

To remedy these difficulties, nutricosmetics therefore uses a whole arsenal of essential nutrients, some of which put their antioxidant properties at the service of the fight that your body wages daily against free radicals.

Essential nutrients, the arsenal of nutricosmetics

Free radicals, when found in too large quantities in the body, turn out to be formidable agents in the appearance of various cancers and an acceleration of the aging process.

Also, to eradicate them and prevent their proliferation, nutricosmetic products use essential nutrients whose action is intended to be targeted.

Vitamins, first of all, of which vitamin C is the most important representative in nutricosmetics, thanks to the effectiveness of its antioxidant properties, are among the most common components. The advantage of vitamin C is in particular that it can stimulate the production of different proteins synthesized naturally by the human body, ensuring, among other things, the suppleness of the skin.

Carotenoids, then, are also used quite frequently for their effectiveness in suppressing free radicals. The most favored are beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, phytoene and phytofluene.

Certain enzymes, moreover, such as coenzyme Q10, are very popular in nutricosmetic cocktails for the protection they also offer against oxidative stress.

Unsaturated fatty acids of the omega 3 and omega 6 type are also often used for the same reasons.

Finally, certain mineral salts (such as zinc, which is important in the cellular repair process) but also polyphenols such as anthocyanins, procyanidins or even flavonoids, are frequently incorporated into nutricosmetic products.

Reverse the aging process with nutricosmetics

If all these ingredients are used in most nutricosmetic food supplements, it is because nutrition specialists agree on the benefits they provide in the fight against free radicals.

While it is quite intuitive that improving diet has a positive impact on health, another branch of medicine has also benefited from advances in this approach: anti-aging medicine.

It is because free radicals unfortunately influence the rate at which your organs age that such a cocktail of antioxidant ingredients constitutes a real makeover for your body. From nutricosmetic product to anti-aging food supplement, there is, in a way, only one step.

However, this step must be informed, calculated, thought out and led by a deep understanding of the aging processes at work in your body, which makes the task complex. This is why despite the proliferation of anti-aging solutions on the market, few venture into this area, due to lack of sufficient expertise.

Among specialists who have the necessary skills and the desire to change the situation, one ingredient has gradually established itself over the last few years: marine collagen peptide.

MyCollagenLift: the expertise and commitment of the MyPUREskin laboratories

It is therefore in compliance with the quality standards which are emerging today from an increasingly better controlled nutricosmetic industry that the MyPUREskin laboratories are implementing their strong initiative. This involves the development of an anti-aging nutrition solution based on natural and even… organic marine collagen!

However, where most cosmetic nutrition products aimed at rejuvenation stop at a fairly common recipe, the teams of Swiss experts from the MyPUREskin laboratories have chosen to innovate on the research front. Using the most recent discoveries, a unique youth concentrate has been created: MyCollagenLift.

To understand the secret of the effectiveness of this drinking food supplement, you have to look at the ingredients that make it up.

All of natural origin, without exception, they combine perfectly to allow organic marine collagen to express itself as effectively as possible. Filling in part of the human collagen whose production the body gradually slows down over time, this food supplement does even better: it stimulates your body's production of this original collagen.

To support the effort to rejuvenate all organs, the MyPUREskin team has also cleverly integrated an enzyme found in several “superfoods”: SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase). This enzyme, placed at the heart of MyCollagenLift , is extracted from wheat germ oil to improve your healing capacity and provide additional UVB protection. The fantastic antioxidant properties it has also help further prevent premature aging of your skin and your various organs.

The addition of natural hyaluronic acid to our well-being recipe finally allows you to retain the organic marine collagen provided to your body and increase your hydration to reduce your joint pain.

By developing this solution, the effectiveness of which recent clinical studies demonstrate, MyPUREskin is therefore committed to a population aware of the need to take care of themselves, at every stage of life. Our laboratories can thus contribute to the building of a philosophy of “living better”, which “MyPUREskin style” nutricosmetics serves perfectly.