Best marine collagen: sorting out the real from the fake

Best marine collagen: sorting out the real from the fake

Looking in the mirror this morning, you realize that new wrinkles have appeared. And then, this fatigue which gradually sets in begins to undermine you. Your dehydrated skin looks terrible.

It’s okay, you are convinced: it is time to act. You keep hearing about rehydrating food supplements, anti-aging food supplements and, one thing leading to another, you understand that they are all based on a key ingredient: marine collagen.

The question now is: which one to choose?

A first clue to help you: place your trust in recognized professionals in the industry, such as the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants) and its tools including the very useful PAOT score (Total Anti-Oxidant Power), which allows you to determine objectively what are the most effective products to fight against oxidative stress (which would be one of the most important factors of premature aging).

A good idea to make a first selection: sort among the available marine collagen-based products those whose PAOT is above average, such as MyCollagenLift declared “exceptional quality product” by the IEA for its extraordinary score of 294.

But what if there are still products that compete with each other? How to choose ?

Find out how to find the best marine collagen, sorting out the real from the fake.

Marine collagen: are they all the same?

To help your body resume its rate of collagen production after it begins to slow down from the age of 25, certain elements can be very effective.

Marine collagen is one of them. Extracted from the skin and bones of fish, this ingredient has become very popular over the last decade, and for good reason: its composition makes it very close to the collagen produced by your body.

Once in your body, marine collagen works wonders, offering significantly more visible results than its bovine counterpart. Reduction of wrinkles, softening of the skin... anti-aging medicine therefore had no choice but to take advantage of it.

But here it is: a victim of its success, marine collagen is used by many brands, sometimes in the wrong way...

Today we are seeing a proliferation of anti-aging products that contain forms of marine collagen that are difficult to assimilate by the human body.

Concerned about your health as much as your satisfaction, certain experts in anti-aging food supplements fortunately maintain the professional conscience necessary to bring the best solutions to the world for you, without compromise.

Hydrolyzed marine collagen: a prerequisite

The first rule observed by the most serious brands is to offer you hydrolyzed marine collagen. Made easier to digest once cut into smaller units by a process using water (hydrolysis meaning “dissolution in water”), marine collagen takes a form called “collagen hydrolyzate”.

This makes it easier to benefit from the health benefits of this central ingredient in modern anti-aging cures.

In fact, this translates into greater effectiveness for the same quantity of collagen, since your digestive system does not have to separate the already hydrolyzed collagen before your skin can use it.

The best marine collagen is therefore necessarily a hydrolyzate.

Synergy of natural and complementary ingredients: the winning combination

The best marine collagen, moreover, must be able to express its full potential in an optimized manner.

The most recent work in this area has shed light on how different elements produced by your body interact with each other in an impressively complex ballet.

At the same time, the in-depth understanding of the similarities between your collagen and marine collagen, acquired through constant research effort, has given rise to innovations in anti-aging medicine.

In this case, it is the skillful combination of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramides that has occupied the minds of the most meticulous Swiss anti-aging technology experts, of which the MyPUREskin team is a proud representative. .

Hydrolyzed collagen and natural ingredients: the synergy orchestrated by MyPUREskin

“Synergy”: a word used to describe the joint action of several ingredients, considered to offer the best health benefit of which each is capable.

It is by understanding the finesse of the assembly of entirely natural antioxidant ingredients that the MyPUREskin team was able to determine the ideal formula making its product the anti-aging food supplement containing the best marine collagen available today on the market. walk.

Furthermore, to objectively ensure this, our team had our anti-aging product evaluated by the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants), a high authority on the subject.

The confirmation is clear: MyCollagenLift has been rated “exceptional quality product” to combat oxidative stress. In other words: “exceptional anti-aging product”.

MyCollagenLift: objectively, the best marine collagen

The available anti-aging food supplements pale in comparison to the marine collagen from MyCollagenLift. The flagship product, designed without compromise, indeed offers the best possible version of marine collagen since it combines both entirely natural ingredients and a fine quality marine collagen hydrolyzate in an unparalleled synergy.

This effectiveness is reflected in the very clearly visible effects in just 4 weeks of treatment, reported by its consumers. These include:

  • Amazing flexibility and greater freedom of movement thanks to reduced joint pain;
  • The joy of being able to consume what aging sometimes makes difficult to assimilate thanks to an improvement in the quality of digestion;
  • Less brittle nails and more vigorous hair in all seasons;
  • Skin that becomes elastic again, erasing many of the wrinkles and fine lines;
  • A reduction in hyper-pigmentation and dry skin problems;
  • Vitality found on a daily basis to allow you to achieve your life goals.

Thanks to the exceptional PAOT (Total Anti-Oxidant Power) score awarded by the IEA, MyCollagenLift can without hesitation affirm today that it represents an undeniable source of youth and, among other things, that it has the best marine collagen .