Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid: capsule or powder solution?

Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid: capsule or powder solution?

If the effectiveness of the combination of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid is no longer in doubt today, we can wonder which form should be preferred for its use.

It can indeed be difficult to make a choice given the multiplicity of solutions available on the market.

Combination of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid: a formula at the heart of seniors’ expectations

Since your birth, you have benefited from natural collagen, synthesized in the heart of certain of your cells. If this is so, it is because each dance, each marathon and even each smile that you sketch requires flexibility for your skin but also flexibility and resistance for your joints. To allow you to move freely, the powerful jewel of evolution that is your body constantly produces no less than twenty different types of collagen, each specialized in a specific area.

Unfortunately, just as with elastin and other molecules essential for the proper conduct of your daily activities, the generation of human collagen slows down after the age of 25 and finally becomes reduced to nothing.

The consequences are very unpleasant: wrinkles, fine lines, joint pain... this set of inconveniences is at the forefront of the problems caused by the aging process.

To overcome the difficulties that the passage of time inflicts on your body, it is vital to create a health routine that makes sense. In this daily quest for a better life, recent advances in anti-aging medicine have highlighted the incomparable virtues of marine collagen peptides.

With a composition very similar to that of human collagen, this treasure of nature reveals the secrets of its full potential through well-thought-out combinations. This is particularly the case with the couple formed by marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, whose combined effects prove to be perfectly suited to the problems faced by future seniors.

Also, from the age of 25, a regular anti-aging treatment giving pride of place to these two ingredients can be implemented to ensure a controlled slowing down of aging and the possibility of preparing to live better in middle age.

Anti-aging treatment and food supplement: why prefer powder to capsule?

If the combination of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid offers exceptional effectiveness in terms of anti-wrinkle and significant relief from joint pain, the way in which it is made available to your body has a significant impact on the long term.

In order to allow the body to benefit as much as possible from the benefits of such an anti-aging treatment, medical research experts have arrived at a clear conclusion: nutrition must be placed at the heart of the fight against it. against aging.

This is why among the plethora of products available on the market today, many of them take the form of food supplements.

However, not all nutrition solutions are equal.

The elements used to create a capsule, for example, can in fact include adjuvants whose cumulative toxicity over consumption sometimes proves problematic at a more or less advanced age.

Also, from a coherent perspective of body care, it quickly becomes obvious to everyone that the best way to improve your daily well-being is to exclude from an anti-aging treatment any constituent that could harm the body. organism over a more or less long term.

This is why you will certainly prefer to use a soluble food supplement based on powder rather than capsules: for the simple reason that your body will thank you.

MyPUREskin: organic marine collagen at the heart of a holistic initiative

Building on this philosophy of “living better without compromise”, the experts in Swiss anti-aging medicine who make up the MyPUREskin laboratory teams have patiently explored the most promising combinations of natural ingredients to finally develop a food supplement. anti-aging whose active ingredients without additives and without preservatives display all the effectiveness of which they are capable without undesirable side effects in the short, medium and long term, regardless of the age at which the treatment is started.

By using the natural wonders of acerola, grape, wheat germ oil and even melon extracts, it is a graceful ballet of benefits that MyCollagenLift offers to your body awaiting a cure. true youth.

The fantastic benefits provided by such a solution are likely to contribute to improving your daily comfort, and this in the broad sense: greater efficiency of digestion, the quality of nails and hair, increased energy. MyCollagenLift literally allows you to… rejuvenate.