The therapeutic virtues of grape seeds

Many people discard grape seeds when eating grapes because of their bitterness. Error ! If the therapeutic virtues of the grape husk have been demonstrated, grape seeds actually contain many more elements beneficial to health. Cancer prevention, bone and eye health, cholesterol, etc. We invite you to discover all the benefits of grape seeds for your body.

Grape seeds: a powerful antioxidant

Grape seeds contain procyanidins: powerful antioxidants that protect against free radicals, these unstable molecules that threaten our body's cells and can cause cancer, immune deficiencies and premature skin aging.

Grape seeds also act on the stability of collagen and elastin, proteins which ensure the toned and supple appearance of the skin.

They also have elements that allow them to pass through all types of cell membranes, including those that protect the brain. They could therefore participate in the protection of the damage caused by free radicals on it.

Improve blood circulation with grape seeds

Grape seeds are able to tone weakened capillary vessels and improve blood circulation. This is why they are recommended in cases of vascular insufficiency, numbness, tingling in the arms and legs, cramps, etc.

Improving your vision with grape seeds

Grape seeds also improve blood circulation in the eye. They are recommended to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration (eye-related diseases).

Grape seeds can also improve night vision and help restore vision after glare.

For people who often work in front of a screen, grapeseed can reduce eye fatigue and improve contrast distinction.

Grape seeds for good bone health

Combined with calcium in your diet, they could even strengthen your bones.

Grapeseed oil to fight cholesterol

Replacing classic oils with grapeseed oil helps increase good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) while reducing triglyceride levels, too high a quantity of which in the blood can cause cardiovascular risks.

Grape seeds as a dietary supplement

As explained in this article, grape seeds bring many benefits to your body. Food supplements in powder form can be a good alternative for people who cannot tolerate the bitterness of grape seeds.

We've incorporated grape extract into MyCollagenLift to protect your skin from free radicals like UV rays, and prevent skin aging.