Ampoule, injections ou crème : comment mieux profiter des bienfaits de la biotine ? - MyPureSkin

Ampoule, injections or cream: how to better benefit from the benefits of biotin?

We no longer present biotin, this formidable anti-aging ally of the vitamin B complex.

Although a series of articles exploring its effects is already devoted to it in our journal, some questions remain unanswered with regard to its use in a nutricosmetic context.

Indeed, if your choice has already settled on a formula that makes sense (including several B complex vitamins as well as marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid), you still have to determine which mode consumption that suits you best.

Among those available, three quickly come to mind:

  • Creams (offering the possibility of local, skin application);
  • Ampoules (containing the formula in liquid form for general application);
  • Injections (also containing the formula in liquid form for general application via the use of a syringe).

If fundamental differences in terms of spectrum of action exist from a local to a general application, the nature of the effects may also vary.

Furthermore, both from the point of view of ergonomics and the expected level of effectiveness, the results can vary greatly depending on the combination of active ingredients and the conditions of use in which the method of administration is deployed.

However, a few elements remain constant amid this multitude of possibilities.

So, we can ask ourselves: is there a mode of use that is more desirable than the others? If yes, which one and why?

Finally, how can you best take advantage of it to get the most out of the benefits of biotin-based formulas?

Consumption methods: advantages and disadvantages

From one mode to another, the consumption of a food supplement can offer certain advantages and disadvantages.

If the choice of the form of administration of the formula is largely conditioned by the cost price, the preservation of the integrity of the formula is, fortunately, of course a consideration for all serious industry professionals.

In particular, it is the active ingredients making up the nutricosmetic considered which will largely dictate the way in which the food supplement must be delivered.

In this regard, we most often encounter the following cases:

  • Liquid forms consumable only orally which can be put in bottles (these offering a greater capacity thanks to thicker and therefore more resistant glass) or in ampoules (these offering a smaller capacity and a certain fragility but allowing the constitution of individual doses ready for use);
  • Liquid forms consumable intravenously or intramuscularly which can only be stored in the form of vials;
  • Solid forms which can be agglomerated using a viscous binder (gelatin, algae, etc.) in order to offer the possibility of being taken individually in capsule form;
  • Solid powder forms that can be stored in capsules (offering properties similar to those taken in capsules) or in tablets when the formula allows it (delivering the active ingredients with the minimum possible excipients), these two approaches allowing individual intake ;

If some of these consumption methods make it possible to facilitate consumption thanks to pre-dosing (offering individual doses), the excipients necessary for their shaping do not always make it possible to preserve the integrity of the original nutricosmetic (thus being able to alter its properties). effects) or to optimize its shelf life.

On the other hand, several consumption methods make it possible to limit the use of components foreign to the formula to abandon control of the dosage, or even to reduce the spectrum of tolerance of storage conditions.

Excipients or not: the timeless glass of water remains omnipresent

If it is always more convenient to have a product completely ready to use, it is reasonable to refocus the question of choosing the form of the nutricosmetic on the initial objective of a food supplement.

In this regard, it is enough to remember that obtaining beauty/health benefits should, ideally, be obtained by limiting health problems in the long term and limiting the loss of effectiveness as much as possible.

In this sense, tablets and capsules are not necessarily the most suitable choice. Additionally, many people have difficulty swallowing a capsule or tablet on their own, making a glass of water a classic accompaniment.

Even if liquid forms in bottles were to be considered, a spoonful is generally required for consumption of a given dose.

Powder stick: why not choose efficiency without compromise?

In light of these observations, it becomes obvious that the only problem to be solved is: how to choose a form which does not suffer from loss of effectiveness and which offers the comfort of pre-dosing?

The MyPureSkin team has answered this question in the most informed way possible, as demonstrated by the attention to research that goes into each article in our journal.

It turned out that it was in simplicity that the most relevant solutions were hidden since it is in the form of ergonomic and hygienic powder sticks that each dose of MyCollagenGlow, our anti-aging food supplement, is delivered. age.

Biotin stick: a choice that makes sense

It is therefore to allow the biotin in our nutricosmetics to shine on your skin that we call on all the professionalism of our employees.

Perfectly controlled thanks to regular audits, the facilities used to produce your biotin sticks leave no room for chance.

By carefully measuring each of the sticks, we provide you with all the effectiveness of MyCollagenGlow by ensuring:

  • An impeccable level of hygiene since each stick is a dose in itself, which prevents you from contaminating the formula contained in the rest of your box (which could be the case if it was a pot to be used with spoon);
  • Control of the integrity of our formula (since we do not bother with excess agglomerates and other excipients);
  • A perfectly uniform dosage to allow you to set up a routine that suits you without worrying about the details of preparing each of your doses.

By making such a choice, we allowed ourselves to focus on the effectiveness of our nutricosmetics, in order to be able to support you in your anti-aging effort in the most effective way possible.

MyCollagenGlow: A mode of action adapted to the unique effectiveness of a natural formula

For the reasons explained previously, the MyPureSkin team took care to select the method of consumption best suited to the needs of an anti-aging nutricosmetic: a powder stick.

But a powder without an exceptional formula would just be a waste. The excellence of Swiss know-how crystallized in the food supplement that is MyCollagenGlow therefore begins of course with the exceptional relevance of its formula.

Made from ingredients of 100% natural origin, MyCollagenGlow is one of those nutricosmetics that consumers consider to be “pure youth concentrates”.

Far from hyperbole, the wise collaborators of the MyPureSkin team will tell you that MyCollagenGlow is above all:

  • Biotin (vitamin B8), whose concomitant action with that of other active ingredients stimulates the production of keratin by your body and increases the growth rate of hair follicles
  • Zinc whose role in maintaining the quality of your hair has been highlighted by numerous studies;
  • A complex of vitamins B5, B6 and B12 whose synergistic integration with biotin significantly increases the results that vitamin B8 alone can offer;
  • Marine collagen peptides with very high bioavailability;
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides, one of the key roles of which is the maintenance of a key element of your immune system: your intestinal flora (much more important than we think in the maintenance of the scalp);
  • Hyaluronic acid whose colossal storage capacity allows it to carry nearly 1000 times its weight in water (in order to guarantee your body excellent hydration);
  • Vitamin E whose anti-oxidant action helps protect your cells from oxidative stress (and therefore premature aging);
  • Beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A, whose benefits extend from the ability to maintain clear vision to the preservation of cognitive functions and, of course, the quality of the scalp (by helping to preserve your cells from oxidative stress).