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Coenzyme Q10: 3 beauty benefits for your skin proven by Science

If nutricosmetics are increasingly welcomed with open arms by consumers, it is because the results they offer make them a more than interesting alternative to topical application solutions.

More than a few ultra-localized aesthetic improvements to the surface of your skin, food supplements do not in fact meet the same needs.

Capable of acting in depth, by delivering active ingredients to your body such as collagen, hyaluronic acid or even zinc, they offer results extended to the entire body.

Among the most popular ingredients, coenzyme Q10 has received a lot of attention, thanks to its anti-aging properties.

If we have already discussed its role (in its oxidized form, i.e. ubiquinone) within the mitochondria in a previous article, we have barely touched on the beauty benefits that coenzyme Q10 offers.

What exactly are the effects on the skin visible to the naked eye? What combinations of active ingredients should you choose to maximize results?

Discover 3 beauty benefits of coenzyme Q10 and how to recognize a nutricosmetic capable of enhancing them.

Benefit 1: Smoother, softer, firm, elastic and uniform skin, in a word: rejuvenated!

Involved in the energy metabolism of the cell, coenzyme Q10 is known to contribute to:

  • Cellular regeneration;
  • Tissue repair (therefore the reconstitution of the environment in which the cells are immersed and which allows them to communicate with each other);
  • Cell growth.

Among the studies focusing on these phenomena, the one published in 2014 by the team of researcher Toshiki Yoneda (1) offers arguments in favor of using coenzyme Q10 to accelerate tissue regeneration after an injury.

We discovered that after extracting a rodent's tooth in the laboratory, the use of coenzyme Q10 allowed the repair of part of the gum: that corresponding to the soft tissues.

Skin also belongs to this category.

This explains, among other things, the direct consequences of the presence of coenzyme Q10 in your skin, that is to say:

  • A more even and radiant complexion;
  • Better elasticity;
  • More firm.

This is also clearly confirmed by the results of one of the most recent studies on the subject (August 2022) published by a group of researchers led by Katja Žmitek (2). Reduction of wrinkles, skin imperfections and improvement of skin softness are the key points noted after following a nutricosmetic program based on coenzyme Q10.

Quite surprisingly, however, the gain in firmness and elasticity offered by coenzyme Q10 is not explained only by its contribution to tissue repair.

The spectrum of action of coenzyme Q10 is much broader than it seems at first glance since the production of collagen is also affected.

Benefit 2: additional stimulation for the production of your collagen

Coenzyme Q10 is in fact capable of stimulating the production of collagen, which allows the skin to regain even more firmness.

It is thanks to research such as that carried out by Yukotishi Mine (3) and published very recently (July 2022) that we have proof of the anti-aging effects of coenzyme Q10 on the skin.

We learn, among other things, that the application of coenzyme Q10 to fibroblasts (the cells that make your collagen) stimulates the production of collagen.

Under such conditions, we understand better that certain nutricosmetics based on coenzyme Q10 seem to drastically improve the firmness of the skin.

Benefit 3: a protective and anti-inflammatory effect

But the beauty benefits of coenzyme Q10 go even further since they are placed upstream and downstream of the action of certain sources of premature aging.

Double protection against damage caused by free radicals

The protection offered by coenzyme Q10 is twofold since it is composed of a duo of molecules associated in a natural redox reaction:

  • In an oxidized form (ubiquinone) which offers an additional source of energy to cells to enable them to better resist attacks from bacteria and viruses
  • In a reduced form (ubiquinol, complementary to ubiquinone) which offers protection against free radicals (creating oxidative stress) since it neutralizes them.

This double protection results in better resistance of your skin to damage caused by the outside world.

UV rays, air pollution or even an unbalanced diet are all sources of oxidative stress that coenzyme Q10 helps to neutralize.

An anti-inflammatory effect

But where coenzyme Q10 still surprises is in the context of an immune reaction.

Whether it is an infection or a chronic illness, general medicine often calls on coenzyme Q10. Some of the most common health problems where its consumption can be beneficial are for example:

  • Certain forms of diabetes;
  • Certain cardiovascular diseases;
  • Some cases of migraine;
  • Situations of premature skin aging.

If these diseases have several points in common, it is the triggering of inflammation which often justifies the use of coenzyme Q10.

Offering an anti-inflammatory effect, it helps reduce the severity of certain symptoms, particularly in the context of diseases affecting the skin and threatening its integrity.

It is once again to the Yoneda team (1) that we owe one of the most impressive insights into the anti-inflammatory effect of coenzyme Q10.

Synergies and good practices: how to get the most out of coenzyme Q10

Although more and more nutricosmetics offer coenzyme Q10 in their formula, not all are equal.

It is because the chemical structure of coenzyme Q10 is close to certain vitamins that its effects are much more visible when it is associated with active ingredients such as:

  • Vitamins C and E, powerful antioxidants accompanying the protective action of coenzyme Q10, the three together developing a virtuous circle of protection;
  • Collagen peptides (whose size is smaller than that of collagen macromolecules, which is a guarantee of greater absorption by your body);
  • Hyaluronic acid (whose capacity to carry nearly 1000 times its mass in water makes it a reserve of hydration which allows you to nourish your skin throughout the day, at each stage of your skin metabolism requiring water);

MyCollagenRepair: a skin repairer based on ubiquinone

It is by following the traces of the natural circuits of coenzyme Q10 in your body that anti-aging engineering has understood how to restore renewed vitality to your skin.

By applying principles that are as simple as they are powerful, MyPureSkin collaborators have been able to bring exceptional nutricosmetics into the world such as MyCollagenRepair.

Named on the basis of the benefits it offers to your skin cells and tissues, MyCollagenRepair intervenes upstream to protect them and downstream to repair them.

To achieve these objectives, the principles followed by MyPureSkin employees can be summarized in 3 essential points:

  • The search for quickly visible effectiveness that gradually extends to different areas of your body;
  • The desire to respect your health and your general well-being over the long term;
  • Adherence to the holistic vision of products helping to alleviate the problems linked to aging in a global approach.

Putting these principles into practice also involves the composition of a formula which, to make sense, is based on synergies combining ingredients of 100% natural origin, in particular:

  • Marine collagen peptides, the consumption of which is a guarantee of stimulation of your endogenous collagen synthesis;
  • Hyaluronic acid, the presence of which supports skin hydration while helping to stimulate your own collagen production;
  • Vitamins with very high antioxidant power, E and C (extracted from acerola fruit);
  • SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase) whose antioxidant properties complete the effectiveness of neutralizing free radicals offered by vitamins;
  • Rosmarinic acid, which protects your skin's collagen molecules downstream from degradation caused by glycation reactions;
  • Silymarin (extracted from milk thistle) whose upstream protection of collagen molecules against the phenomenon of glycation broadens the protective umbrella of your skin;
  • Bioperine (patented extract of piperine, the active agent of black pepper) whose presence improves the bioavailability (and therefore your absorption capacity) of ubiquinone;
  • Ubuiquinone (coenzyme Q10), whose properties are a shield against the degradation to which your sources of vitality (the mitochondria) are exposed.

Enough of food supplements that don't keep their promises? What if you chose an anti-aging nutricosmetic whose effects have been scientifically demonstrated?

Start your MyCollagenRepair treatment to benefit from progressive results visible from the first weeks!

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