The widely followed beauty influencer Beautylicieuse talks about MyCollagenLift and its extraordinary benefits!

Why you absolutely must include drinking collagen in your routine?

Because it simply works! The first results are very quick, I saw a difference in just a few days in the radiance and quality of my skin, my hair but also in digestion and my inner well-being. And these results were confirmed in the following weeks with ultra-luminous skin, much clearer, supple and free of imperfections, not to mention the boost in energy .”

More supple and radiant skin, smoothed wrinkles and fine lines, hair that grows back, effect on the joints and the microbiota… I have finally found a collagen to drink that is as exceptional from a formulation point of view as it is effective ”: these are the words used by one of the most followed beauty influencers on the networks , Beautylicious .  


A few days ago, Beautylicieuse shared her approach to collagen-based drinks and her dissatisfaction in general: undrinkable taste, more than questionable effects, excessive marketing, etc. until... she discovered MyCollagenLift !  


In his article you will find his in-depth opinion on MyCollagenLift, why it was conquered by our nutricosmetics and what differentiates MyCollagenLift from other food supplements on the market.  

So don't wait any longer and go read his article by clicking on the link below!

Product photos by Cecile Decorniquet for Beautylicieuse
Artistic direction by Beautylicieuse