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SOD and Zinc: what can you expect from it?

A new arrival in the world of anti-aging nutricosmetics, SOD (Superoxide Dismustase) leads researchers with one surprise after another. This long-misunderstood enzyme would indeed be the key to a drastic improvement in the body's antioxidant defenses.

Why is this of interest to those who fight premature aging? The answer lies within your cells. So let's meet this active ingredient that the most effective anti-aging treatments cannot do without.

SuperOxide Dismutase: from discovery to innovation

In a compilation of research carried out by researcher H. Younus¹ in 2018 on the potential therapeutic effects of SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD), the scientific community takes stock of what it knows about SOD.

An enzyme that tends to associate with metallic trace elements, SOD only deploys its health benefits when it combines with another element such as: zinc.

The results are astonishing: from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis, including ischemia and other inflammatory diseases, the SOD-Zinc couple seems to have a very broad field of action and exceptional effectiveness.

SOD and Zinc: a couple with unique synergy

Indeed, the combination of SOD and Zinc offers the body antioxidant protection which allows it to escape oxidative stress, an important factor in premature aging.

It is in particular their synergy which makes such a situation possible.

In a document dealing with the action potential of Zinc on the evolution of the aging process and published by the CNRS ² , we find the details of this powerful alliance. Indeed :

The CNRS working document also specifies that this protection takes place both in the cytosol (the liquid found inside the cell) and on the membrane (rather external protection). In other words: the SOD-Zinc couple is capable of protecting cells from the inside and the outside.

However, understanding of the potential of SOD is far from complete and there is still much research to be carried out in order to understand all its workings.

MyCollagenLift: an exclusive formula based on SOD-Zinc

To optimally maintain your health, it is now possible to take advantage of the benefits of SOD-Zinc, particularly in nutricosmetics.

This is what the MyPUREskin team chose to do by composing the exclusive MyCollagenLift formula. It is because they are aware of the role played by oxidative stress in premature skin aging that its collaborators imagined this effective anti-aging complex.

Accompanying, among other things, the slowing down of the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, our anti-aging experts provide you with a food supplement adapted to the problems appearing with age.

Stimulating your antioxidant defenses, your hydration and the renewal of your endogenous collagen, MyCollagenLift represents a true anti-aging innovation while guaranteeing your body a cocktail based on synergistic ingredients of 100% natural origin, it is -to say :

MyCollagenLift is a shot of pure youth imagined by skin aging experts at the forefront of scientific discoveries in anti-aging medicine.

So why not let your skin benefit from the most recent scientific findings and the best innovations offered by anti-aging nutricosmetics by starting an anti-aging treatment with MyCollagenLift?

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