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Aging, hand foot syndrome and dermatitis: vitamin B6 to the rescue

If skin problems tend to worsen with age, some people are more predisposed to their appearance.
Genetic and epigenetic factors combine to pave the way for more or less serious conditions.
From premature aging to vitiligo, to episodes of intense skin dryness, it can be difficult to preserve your skin, even under the age of 40.
This is the reason why proactive nutritional cures remain the most suitable way to manage the signs of aging and the skin diseases that can accompany it.
In addition, this approach has the merit of being “universal”, in the sense that many skin diseases already declared and occurring in younger people can be more easily managed by accompanying the care provided by a doctor after diagnosis.
Whether you are looking to limit wrinkles and sagging skin or to avoid attacks of dermatitis, or even to accompany treatment against hand-foot syndrome, a food supplement based on vitamin B6 can support your efforts for better results.
For what ? What results can you expect? Discover a nutritional practice at the frontiers of anti-aging product and “nutrition”, thanks to nutricosmetic technologies.

Depigmentation, hand-foot syndrome and aging... why vitamin B6?

Peeling, dryness or even ulceration of the skin: hand-foot syndrome has this in common with the process of senescence that its most visible symptoms are noted in the deterioration of the quality of your skin.
As you age, you are told that the causes are a decrease in hyaluronic acid, a loss of collagen and a disappearance of elastin, all consequent to the aging process (which leads to a slowdown in their production by your organization).
The most common response that the anti-aging industry brings to you through food supplements, creams and injections lies in a simple tip: replacing these “youth-enhancing” ingredients that your skin is gradually lacking.
However, some nutricosmetics go further by engaging in a proactive approach using ingredients aimed at stimulating your own production of collagen, hyaluronic acid or even elastin.
However, this is only one aspect of the problem.

Replace and stimulate the “molecules of youth”… but why not protect them?

Fortunately, some players in the world of nutricosmetics are considering the problem from all angles. This is particularly the case of MyPureSkin which offers, through the unique formulas of its anti-aging food supplements, a holistic approach.
Thus, certain products in its range are part of a long-term action and prevention effort but also offer quickly visible results, like MyCollagenLift, which recently won the “Victoires de la Beauté” and demonstrated its anti-aging effects following an independent clinical trial.
The lever of action of this type of food supplement is threefold:

  • Replace occasionally, with each stick of powder consumed, part of the collagen and hyaluronic acid lost by your body;
  • Stimulate their production mechanisms which gradually decline during the aging process;
  • Protect the fruits of this production to maintain the most optimal skin health possible in the long term.

In fact, these three pillars of action of MyPureSkin nutricosmetics result in visible beauty benefits from 4 weeks.

However, the effectiveness of this range does not stop there.

From MyCollagenLift to MyCollagenGlow: extending the scope of nutricosmetics

If the objective of MyPureSkin remains premium quality support for your daily fight against aging, the spectrum of action of some of its products speaks for itself.
Based on a synergy of ingredients echoing the three pillars of MyPureSkin action, the MyCollagenGlow food supplement offers a new perspective to all those who face skin problems, in the broad sense of the term.
Indeed, the cocktail of active ingredients characterizing MyCollagenGlow turns out to be used in other contexts than this one of anti-aging medicine, in particular when it comes to supporting patients treated for more serious skin conditions. wide.
To understand it, you must first know the key elements in the composition of MyCollagenGlow. It's about :

  • Vitamin B6, whose medical use is increasingly common in the treatment of various skin disorders;
  • Biotin (vitamin B8), whose concomitant action with that of the other active ingredients of MyCollagenGlow stimulates the production of keratin by your body (contributing to the health of the scalp) and above all offering support for the protection of the skin against the appearance of dermatitis;
  • A complex of vitamins B5 and B12 whose synergistic integration with vitamin B8 significantly increases the results that only vitamins B6 and B8 can offer;
  • Zinc whose role in maintaining the quality of your hair has been highlighted by numerous studies;
  • Marine collagen peptides with very high bioavailability;
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides, one of the key roles of which is the maintenance of a key element of your immune system: your intestinal flora (much more important than we believe in maintaining the quality of the scalp and nails);
  • Hyaluronic acid whose colossal storage capacity allows it to carry nearly 1000 times its weight in water (in order to guarantee your body excellent hydration);
  • Vitamin E whose anti-oxidant action helps protect your cells from oxidative stress (and therefore premature aging);
  • Beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A, whose benefits range from the ability to maintain clear vision to the preservation of cognitive functions and helping to protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin B6: an ally in the fight against sometimes serious skin conditions

MyCollagenGlow's formula is no accident. Designed by the anti-aging experts at MyPureSkin, it aims to increase the skin's protection against the appearance of skin problems that accompany the aging process.
It was through studies such as the one published in 2021 by Kamilla Stach's research team that vitamin B complexes, particularly B6, began to attract the attention of medical practitioners specializing in skin health.
Patients suffering from dermatitis, for example, have often been identified as having vitamin B6 deficiencies, relative to the nutritional level needed to prevent outbreaks of red patches on the surface of their skin.
This is why the medical profession tends to increasingly recommend the consumption of food supplements based on pyridoxine (one of the three main forms of vitamin B6 commonly consumed as supplements).

MyCollagenGlow: supporting your skin to maintain its youthfulness

Rising star of anti-aging nutricosmetics, MyCollagenGlow owes its effectiveness to a cleverly thought-out composition.
This is all the added value of MyPureSkin employees, whose expertise in this area is recognized on multiple occasions, through awards, clinical trials and even testimonials from satisfied consumers.
It is by working upstream and downstream of your skin problems that we are able to support you in your fight against aging to enjoy an exceptional quality of life for as long as possible.

Desire for change ? Need to restore some of its youthful appearance to your skin? Tired of skin problems that you could avoid?
Start your first course of MyCollagenGlow to shine again in just 4 weeks: rapid but also progressive results to maintain your beauty gains over the long term!

Study evaluating the broad spectrum of action of vitamin B6 in the prevention of different diseases: