Is it dangerous to consume collagen?

Is it dangerous to consume collagen?

Overvitaminosis, excess caffeine, hyperhydration... it seems that the secret to good health is in moderation.

However, not all ingredients have the same properties and some abuses are therefore more serious than others.

This is due to the fact that the effects of an increase in dose do not evolve for all substances in proportion to the volume consumed.

For example, overconsumption of water will only lead to hyperhydration if the volume of water consumed exceeds 5 liters per day (for an adult of average build), this excess is chronic and the person in question is already prone to risks of water retention.

Conversely, drinking more than 6 cups of coffee per day quickly leads to side effects (palpitations, nausea, etc.) that are more or less significant from one person to another.

The great advantage of collagen is that it is hardly possible to suffer from side effects linked to taking too much.

How much natural collagen does your body need?

The natural amount of collagen varies from person to person, simply because we are each more or less tall and more or less corpulent.

However, this variation remains minimal on the scale of the human body. It is generally estimated that endogenous collagen (produced by the human body) is the most abundant protein in the organism, representing 30 to 35% of all the proteins that constitute it (1).

An essential component of the extracellular environment, in which your body's cells are immersed, its reduction therefore alters the quality of your skin.

The consequences of collagen deficiency

Indeed, during a collagen deficiency, the cells of your epidermis and dermis have more difficulty interacting with each other, moving and nourishing themselves.

Consequently, the properties of the tissues they constitute (tissues that make up your skin) are affected.

Less elastic and less firm, your skin becomes more fragile. To understand in detail the causes and consequences of such a situation, do not hesitate to consult our article dealing with collagen deficiencies .

A matter of proportion

However, while many factors (such as lack of sleep or stress) play a role in determining the amount of collagen you need, a simple rule to remember says that the appropriate amount of collagen for most people is of people is in fact:

  • A matter of proportion (it is not a question of determining an absolute value but rather of respecting a quantity of collagen in relation to the needs of your cells and variations from one individual to another are negligible in this regard, as seen upper);
  • A matter of age (the need for collagen supplements increases over the years because the human body gradually slows down its production over time).

The tremendous advantage of the human body therefore lies in one element well understood by nutricosmetic experts: even for the largest people, the difference in taking collagen supplementation is only a few grams at most, in the the most atypical cases. The scientific community agrees that daily consumption of 5g of collagen can have beneficial effects on skin health, regardless of the gender and age of the person concerned.

Bioavailability and absorption limits of collagen supplementation

This daily consumption of 5 g of collagen for everyone can be explained by two properties of the human body:

  • Its collagen needs remain limited (it is not a question of consuming one kilogram per day);
  • The body's ability to process collagen for use is subject to certain limits.

Indeed, the collagen available to the skin after consuming a supplement is limited by the digestive system which must process it before sending it into the bloodstream to make it available to your other organs, notably your skin. This treatment systematically generates a certain amount of waste.

In other words: your body cannot use all the collagen from the foods and supplements you consume.

This is why it is essential to choose a food supplement offering highly bioavailable collagen, such as marine collagen biopeptides for example.

The frequency of marine collagen bio peptide treatments that you follow, to remedy your collagen deficiencies for example, will vary depending on your age.

To understand the importance of the “age factor”, you can read our article on why you gradually stop producing collagen .

Furthermore, to fully understand the concept of bioavailability, do not hesitate to consult our article on the differences between marine collagen bio peptides and marine collagen .

A very useful consequence of this difficulty that your body has in using all of the collagen that you consume in dietary supplements is that it is very difficult (not to say impossible) to have a “collagen overdose” .

Is it dangerous to take collagen?

Although this scenario is unlikely, it is possible to imagine a situation in which a person swallows unreasonable amounts of collagen. However, in the same way that it becomes impossible for someone to eat above a threshold because of the discomfort it causes, overconsumption of collagen would quickly lead the person in question to stop consuming it.

Indeed, the possible symptoms of overconsumption of collagen would simply lead, from the most common to the most improbable, to:

  • A feeling of fullness that would prevent you from feeling hungry for a few hours;
  • An uncomfortable feeling of heaviness;
  • Indigestion.

Consumption of collagen supplements is safe

However, these theoretical side effects must be confirmed by experiment.

This is why numerous studies have been carried out over the last 20 years to guarantee the benefits of collagen supplementation and the absence of side effects that could endanger consumers.

Among the most recent of this research, the study by Doctor Bolke (2), carried out in 2019, therefore recalls in its conclusions that “collagen supplementation does not cause any side effects and has proven that it constitutes a safe solution”.

Other more systematic studies, offering an analysis of the results already obtained from a batch of previous research, cover many aspects of the benefits to your body that collagen supplementation provides. This is particularly the case of that conducted by the team of Doctor Franchesca Choi (3), which highlights the effectiveness of collagen and its derivatives in the treatment of different conditions such as:

  • The aging process;
  • The development of xerosis (chronic and profound skin dryness);
  • The appearance of cellulite;
  • The presence of an ulcer;

Confirming the role and effectiveness of collagen in the form, in particular, of food supplements in the fight against these health problems, the scientific consensus now allows us to state unequivocally that taking collagen in accordance with the recommended dosage does not pose any danger.

MyCollagenLift: stimulate your youth and take care of it

It is precisely by taking advantage of these fantastic health benefits and the absence of adverse effects of collagen that MyPUREskin has chosen to be a faithful ally in your journey towards rejuvenated and healthier skin.

Its added value compared to other food supplements lies in an exclusive cocktail.

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This high-end formula therefore contains:

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  • Organic silicon whose role is to restructure the skin and protect the collagen and elastin formation process;
  • Ceramides, extracts from wheat germ, carefully chosen to protect collagen biopeptides and elastin from degradation and promote skin hydration;
  • SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase): a powerful enzyme providing double protection for your cells (targeting the inside and the outside)
  • Zinc: a trace element known for its effects to combat oxidative stress but also for its ability to support the enzymatic activity of SOD;
  • Vitamins E (extracted from melon juice) and C (extracted from acerola fruit) whose antioxidant powers are essential for a quality anti-aging food supplement;
  • Polyphenols extracted from grapes (OptoAnthoCyanes), secondary antioxidants effectively accompanying all these ingredients to help protect your skin.

In addition, MyCollagenLift does not contain any unnecessary ingredients, in fact, you will not find in its formula:

  • No coloring;
  • No preservatives;
  • No additives of any kind;
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