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Ceramides: keep your skin hydrated by limiting its losses

If hyaluronic acid is often considered the undisputed star of skin rehydration, another ingredient has been gaining popularity in recent years.
Called “ceramide”, it is an active ingredient whose main action is upstream of the hydration process of your skin.
Why are premium nutricosmetics increasingly using ceramides? How do the best of them make the most of it to offer you unique beauty benefits?
MyPureSkin gives you the keys to intense and prolonged skin hydration.

Ceramide: a molecule with discreet omnipresence

First perceived as a structural molecule of the cell membrane, ceramide has revealed itself, in recent years, to be a pluripotent agent in the metabolism of your cells.

Ceramide molecules

Cellular differentiation (process of maturation of your stem cells into specialized cells such as the keratinocytes of your epidermis for example), apoptosis (cell death), proliferation (multiplication of cells)… Ceramides are in fact present at pivotal stages of life cellular.

An essential function for the effectiveness of the skin barrier

But it is above all for the role they play in your skin's ability to act as a physical barrier against pathogens that ceramides have been attracting the attention of nutricosmetic experts for some time.
The presence of sufficient quantity and variety of ceramides in strategic areas of your skin visually translates into good hydration.
It was through studies such as that published in 2019 by Emine Kahraman's team (1) that it was possible to go beyond the assumptions accepted until then.

Diagram comparing skin with ceramides and skin without

Indeed, since the 1990s, the omnipresence of ceramides in the body has been proven and we know that too low a concentration of these molecules goes hand in hand with various skin conditions such as:

  • Atopic dermatitis;
  • Ichthyosis;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Acne;
  • Chronic dry skin.

What Kahraman's research has demonstrated is that it is possible to generally improve the quality of the skin in the context of these different skin diseases using ceramides.

Ability to retain water

The potential of ceramides is already substantial, but what explains their interest in modern anti-aging formulas is another of their properties.
In an article published in 2021 by Yoshiki Miyachi, establishing a retrospective of the literature available on the subject (2), we find the key reasons for using ceramides in nutricosmetics, one of the major elements of which is: the reduction of loss insensitive to water.
While certain active ingredients improve the skin's hydration level, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides help to optimize the management of the hydration level already acquired by the skin.
This ability to “retain water” makes it a powerful ally in the fight against dry skin, for example.
However, the provision of additional ceramides is not enough... they still need to reach a critical mass to offer clearly perceptible beauty benefits!

The effectiveness of ceramides in practice: a question of dosage and combinations of molecules

Indeed, a study published in 2020 by Yoshihiro Tsuchiya and his collaborators (3) looked at the results of taking dietary supplements with ceramides.

Minimum quantity required: results of the clinical trial

The conclusions of this clinical trial conducted over 12 weeks reveal a significant improvement in the level of skin hydration for men and women aged 20 to 60 years from 0.8 mg of ceramides per day.
These results and those of more recent studies such as that conducted by Seppic (whose ceramosides are directly included in the composition of MyCollagenLift) set the bar for high moisturizing action from 30 mg per day (4).

This is why formulas from premium anti-aging nutricosmetic brands such as MyPureSkin include 30 mg of ceramides in their daily powder sticks.

Appropriate dosage and effective synergies

Thus, an anti-aging food supplement that is truly effective both in the short and long term cannot today do without the key ingredients of the sector which are:

  • Collagen;
  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Ceramides;
  • Powerful antioxidants to reduce sources of oxidative stress (and therefore reduce the risk of premature aging).

A cocktail combining at least these 4 elements guarantees results visible to the naked eye.

Face before and after using MyCollagenLift

MyCollagenLift: a well-designed food supplement for optimal results

To solve your dry skin problems, limit episodes of dermatitis or generally improve the quality of your skin, MyPureSkin has designed MyCollagenLift.
An anti-aging food supplement containing active ingredients known for their effectiveness in the fight against aging, MyCollagenLift saw its effectiveness recognized by a prize recently won at the Victoires de la Beauté.
But beyond this recognition granted by those involved in skin aesthetics, it is above all in the testimonials of delighted customers and in the indisputable facts of the clinical study results that MyCollagenLift has been able to prove its value.
To nourish, protect and stimulate your skin in the production of its “molecules of youth” (which are, for example, collagen and hyaluronic acid), the MyCollagenLift formula is based on synergies of active ingredients with joint effects, in particular:

  • Marine collagen peptides, more bioavailable than non-hydrolyzed collagen to provide maximum benefit to your skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid to intensely and deeply hydrate your body thanks to its ability to capture nearly 1000 times its weight in water;
  • Ceramides extracted from wheat to optimize your level and duration of hydration thanks to its protective properties against insensitive water loss;
  • Organic silicon, a skin restructuring agent contributing to maintaining the structural integrity of your body (as opposed to the destructuring caused by the loss of genetic information caused by aging).
  • Vitamin C extracted from acerola fruit and vitamin E, both well known for their antioxidant properties;
  • Polyphenols (OPC) from grapes, also trapping free electrons;
  • Zinc, an antioxidant that activates the protection offered by SOD;
  • SOD (SuperOxide Dismustase), extracted from melon, an enzyme associated with the antioxidants above to contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress and stimulating your own natural production of antioxidants.

MyCollagenLift anti-aging food supplement box

The presence of hyaluronic acid guarantees the stimulation of your endogenous production but also the replacement of units lost as part of your skin aging.

Ceramides, for their part, optimize the results of this contribution by working to preserve the hydration of the skin thanks to their ability to limit your insensible water losses.

With hundreds of satisfied customers already, why not also benefit from deeply rehydrated skin with an initial 3-month treatment? Your first results are visible from 4 weeks!

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